Should “LYING 101” now be taught in College?

Think about it. Should lying be taught as a course in College. Taught and Taught Moreso on how to Recognize when someone is Lying to you?

Isn’t it about time for everyone to realize that we now Live in a World of Lying performed by the Greatest Liars of all Times? Liars who perform Acts of Lying that will rival the Best Acts on AGT? The best Acts of Houdini. Rival the Best Acts of the Greatest Magicians working Vegas?

Holy Cow, the hens done come in to Roost. And the Fox has been made the Honor Guard of the Hen House. Lol

But really. Don’t our Kids deserve the very BEST. Won’t they be able to improve their Lives if they could simply recognize when a Lie is being Said? To know when a Grand 0erfitmance of Lying is being Performed?

Or do people today simply enjoy all the Dog and Donkey Shows of Lying? Maybe they do. Maybe they go to hopefully see something amazing like the Dead being Raised from the Grave? Or Angels descending from Heaven? Or Demons from Hell?

But let’s face it. The Masters of the Art of Lying are racing to the Internet to Put their Own Lies out there for a feverish Mob of Followers. And they are Claiming Victory! Right in Your Faces! Eat Shit and Die is their MOTTO. They’ll now say anything and they don’t care who or whom it hurts or whom will be injured or who gets Killed!

it’s unbelievable and remarkable at the same time. Remarkable that it has sprang up so rapidly. Filling the ears and into the eyes of All who will come to their PODCASTS. Or Blogs!

People begging to be led by the hand down Liars Lane. Down to the Slop House of Wickedness. Down into the very Bowels of Hell because as they repeat these Lies, they Make Good on their Pacts with the Devil. And As God is Angry, Satan Rejoices! Line-up ye one and all and get fed your Lies for the Day, the Week, the month, or even for Years. And swallow them Whole like the Sin Eaters begging for more.

Throw Jesus Christ out of your Lives as you have been swayed into a wholly different direction. You LOVE LIES. And you now practice your own form of Lies? Have you traded your Christianity for Devil Worshipping? That’s what following Lies does for a person.

Or have you remained Like an Oak and not fallen to these Liars? Which His it?

Today, I can honestly say that I have never, NEVER, listened to one single Podcast. I don’t try to read from disruptive Media, destructive Media while They are so willing to enter negotiating and trading Truths for the Followers. Yes, for the God Awful Followers Who read your Blogs or Listen to your podcasts only to look for their own Angle to use something you said or wrote. Finding Stuff to Start your own Shit Fires! Hearing Stuff to try to make your own point out of the Lies you heard that day. HELL, go for it, you’re ruined anyway by now and you don’t care no more. So, rip out another heart with your Lies that were never yours in the very beginning.

Crush the Handicapped! Feel Super Strong! Kill another Baby! You are the Proud Biggest Liars set to put Rome on Fire with Nero. And you laugh and chuckle yourself until you chuckle one time too much and up comes the Vomit that marks your Heart Stopping and you fall to the ground not knowing how you got there. But the second chance you got, you’ll Blow Big Time.

Call someone who Cares! Might be the last Call you ever make!

So decide now The Art of Lying 101 as a College Course. On the freshmen level but it could race into its own Department in no time.

A College of Lying. A Department of Lying!

And let the Best Liar be the last one Standing.