OMG! Here’s additional Places Top Secret Documents Located!

There are No Documents at Trump National Bedminster

But what about the Trump Golf Courses in Scotland? And ?

  • The Trump Org valued a golf course in Scotland based on a media quote, per a legal filing.
  • The firm said the the course was worth $161 million, five years after Trump bought it for $12.6 million.
  • Trump denies wrongdoing and claims the investigation is politically motivated.

The Trump Organization based its $161 million valuation for one of Donald Trump’s Scottish golf resorts on a quote a company executive gave to Forbes magazine, New York Attorney General Letitia James alleged.

Three more places needing Searches!

Also, of very interesting Question is this-

Trump, after decades of buying properties with debt, spent more than $300 million in cash purchasing and developing the Scottish courses, neither of which has turned a profit. Some Scottish politicians have cited mounting investigations into Trump’s U.S. financial interests as grounds to scrutinize his business dealings in Britain.

Where in the HELL did Trump get $300 Million Dollars? CASH at That when No Bank will Loan him money? Did Voter Donations pay for this? Unknowingly? Or the Crown Prince? Or Russian Billionaires? And none have Made a Profit?