Interesting Mind Child Food for Parents…

Need a Break? Tired of the living room always becoming a KILL ZONE for your Family Gamers Every Day? Every Night? And it’s so LOUD, Momma can’t read. Or She’s playing too. But dang, the Issue of Violence in American Homes can be struck thru the Heart of the Issue which is Violent M Rated Games blowing up in the Minds of your youngsters or kids. Their Minds don’t digest the Violence at young Ages. Nightmares are a normal result. Always playing one Violent Game after another and you’ve forgotten one of the most important Rules of Parenting.

What you feed into your Child’s Mind Will Come Out. Just like good food to eat. But Violent Mind Food can come back to haunt you Mom and Dad. Your own Child may become one of America’s Greatest Mass Shooters ever.

If you want to reclaim your Living Room, you have to Take Control and SPEAK UP. And good luck with that. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for you to regain Control.

But in what manner will these Violent Games affect your Child? Any Child? And the playing Age that parents are allowing their kiddos to play super Violent Games is getting younger and younger.

Your baby sees a Gamers Controller in your hands and they want one too. So, you give your child a Broken one that they’ll carry around all over the house. And you just may be setting yourself up for failure.

But why? You don’t trust the Experts? Your Decisions are Best. Right? Maybe not always. Men and women who spent a lifetime studying how these Violent Games are affection America’s Youth doesn’t work for you? Or you don’t know how to Say NO? Oh yeah, the Console and Games aren’t Locked Up, are they? while you’re at work. Right?

A baby does not come out of the womb with a Gamer Controller in its hands. You put one in their hands. But at what Age is Gaming just Too Young?

Do violent video games make kids violent?

“We found that students who reported playing more violent video games in junior and high school engaged in more aggressive behavior,” said lead author Anderson, of Iowa State University.

And how many parents try to do it Right only to find out their kids are playing Games too Violent for them at the friends homes? Do you even know the RATINGS of your Games?

So why let a Kindergarten or First Grader play them? You love them. You need a Partner. But is beating your kids even fair? And what Mind Warp are you putting on them?

Some are spending upwards of $50,000 on Gaming. Others are spending $Millions.

Forget any physical Training. Your kid doesn’t need any. Right?


Parents get your Heads back into the Game of PARENTING and SAY NO and mean it. Don’t relax and allow yourself to Give In to a Gamers Request to Play. And if you ALLOW GAMING, Watch for all Aggressive Behaviors in your kids.

Gaming is with 🇺🇸 and it’s not going to change. But please use proper prudence and fortitude. And cross your fingers you got it right. But praying every day helps. It does…