And the Big Turd keeps slowly rolling DOWN the Hill…

…Is the Joke on all of 🇺🇸?

 A major reason why a majority of Republicans still believe Trump won the election is that there are a lot of people who are making a lot of money telling them that Trump won the election.

There’s a “Stop the Steal” industry and it’s doing very well.

Trump has raised well north of $200 million since losing the 2020 election, mostly from small contributors. 

And many millions have no idea that super brainy people who are Experts on their Field who are pumping false, yet very pretty and nice laid out untruths about the 2020 Election, to keep People fooled. Fooled for their Money! And can they be prosecuted for this? Someone knows this is all nothing but a Money Machine. It’s a Backwards PONZI Scheme.

Think about it before you send in another Dime…

There is No Way Trump thought about taking all of these Documents home by himself. Others had a helping hand in it as well.

But what were the Reasons?
  1. Money.
  2. Blackmail.
  3. Espionage.
  4. An exact accounting of all Communications needs to be conducted to help determine what form of Nests of possible NAZI Fascists has been uncovered?
  5. Don’t you want the Truth? The whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth?

🇺🇸 wants No more Lies or Conspiracies. Enough is Enough.