Horrific Sex Slayings of three young Girl Scouts now a HULU Series Entitled-“Keeper of the Ashes”. A Most Foul Event that must never be forgotten.

1978 file photo, Gene Leroy Hart is being led into the Oklahoma State Penitentiary the night of his capture by Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents. Hart, who was acquitted of the 1977 sex slayings of three Northeastern Oklahoma Girl Scouts, died Monday night of a heart attack while exercising in the prison’s courtyard in McAlester, Oklahoma


Gene Leroy Hart died at the age of 35 on June 4, 1979, from a heart attack in prison, just two months after the 1979 trial for the Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders.

According to reports, he died after exercising in the prison yard at Oklahoma State Penitentiary.

READ: Newspaper Article about Gary’s Prison Death. I find it highly suspicious And I think that Hart was indeed Murdered. After Retiring as a Texas Prison Guard, I see a Strange sentence in the Newspaper Article saying it was not unusual for a person of his Age and apparent good Physical Condition to suffer a Heart Attack. I disagree. I never saw such a trend in any Texas Prison. Dead at 35 years old? Highly unlikely that this Death was simply a regular Heart Attack, but a Murder by Inmates or Prison Officials or Medical Staff enraged by the Girl Scout Rape and Murders. Enraged to the point that they felt it necessary to Kill the man. Or for his other Crimes? Or he owed a Huge Debt? But the Autopsy supports natural causes of severe heart disease and a prior major heart event.

On June 4, 1979, the Oklahoma Temperature was a High of 81 and a Low of 61. Hmm…


But, from what I’ve read, Hart was accused, Tried, and Acquitted. And some think a female saw this take place.


In June 1977, three Oklahoma girls — Lori Farmer and Doris Denise Milner, 10, both of Tulsa, and Michele Guse, 9, of Broken Arrow — were murdered on the first night of a weeklong Girl Scout sleepaway camp at Camp Scott near Locust Grove.  

No one was ever convicted of the crime.  


Such a sadness seeing these precious Lives of these young girls taken from the living at such early Ages. May God Bless them and their Families.

When I actually worked Death Row at the Ellis Unit in the late 1970s, I wondered many different thoughts about the men there who had committed atrocious Murders. They were real Killers and it was a very eerie quiet there except when the Tv’s were ON. Few of them talked out loud ever to each other except to say that they intended to Kill someone there on Death Row. And one I will never forget as He did kill that other Inmate on Death Row. But there were Sex Slayers there. Murders of all kinds. Men who loved Killing. I guess they are all Dead by now.

I really don’t like talking about them back then as I have bad memories of Wall to Wall Blood in one Cell. Wall to Wall Blood covering every inch of the Walls. Real Human Blood and that strange sweet smell it gives off in your nostrils.

A strange sweet smell in your nostrils…one you’ll never forget.