How the 2024 CIVIL WAR will Begin as Predicted in 1895-Read-Some Pages might be out of place. But, do READ!

When it becomes apparent that Trump did NOT WIN the 2024 Presidential Election, on January 6, 2025 or the day that Congress Verifies the Electoral College Votes,
All GOP Representatives and Senators will RESIGN making it effectively IMPOSSIBLE to Certify the Electoral Votes from the States.

Street rioting will be prolific. Thousands will be Killed in the 1st 24 Hours all across America.

Within 24 Hours, the INTERNET will be completely SHUTDOWN because War Plans will be sent across America on the Internet to Soldiers on both Sides ready to Repeat the CIVIL War again.

This is the Plan just like it really started in the 1st Civil War! Congress will be behind all of it. Just wait and see…