Any Country that abandons 20,000 of their own Troops during War is flirting with Catastrophy. Total Collapse!

And yet, that’s exactly what Russia has done. But not just on one occasion. On several. In one instance, 10,765 Russian Troops had to walk 45 miles with no water or food to make it back across the Border and out of Ukraine where every 15th Soldier was then shot down by Firing Squads as a Lesson on What Not to Do! A Lesson to all others.

Russia has now gone into full blown Cruel Acts against its own Troops as they are closer to A Total Refusal to Fight. They’ve had enough. Russian Lips are spreading Dissention and anger with Putin as families are speaking up about their wounded and killed Children. Young men who had no need to die or be maimed.

A Caravan of 1200 Refrigerator Trucks left Ukraine carting the Dead Bodies of Russian Soldiers. And word is, these bodies are bound for abandoned Mines in a secret location instead of going back to their loving Families to prevent even more fervor against Putin’s War by not revealing thousands of these Deaths. Families not even being told is quite incomprehensible. Such a sad state of affairs for sure. Word is that thousands with severe wounds are being placed in these Trucks and then frozen to Death heading for hiding them in deep Mines. Tossing bodies away like feces from a cow or sheep or goats. Or horses?

Doesn’t this seem quite unfair? An inhumane treatment of Human Life as if it never mattered at all? And what if these were your Sons? Wouldn’t you want to know? But these dirty Secrets are well too known across Russia’s History. They’ve taken place time after time.

And Russia is now accepting mentally challenged men to fill the Military Ranks. Just with enough I.Q. to put on their own clothes.

Deaths and Troop Mistrust is now running rampant in the Russian Army. Low Morale is also out ofallRetrol. AWOLs and killing Commanders is out of Control. Refusing to fight is the new normal.

Russian Soldiers simply want no more War with its Neighbor. But until they pull the rub out from under Putin, Putin’s Death Machine will continue.

Commanders keep spreading Lies that the War is almost over. No, it’s not. There’s a reckoning coming in Crimea.

Looks like Putin is growing closer to using Nuclear Weapons as his Army is close to a Total Surrender. Sad, yet true…