OMG! Here comes another Read!

Bill Barr played a starring role in the January 6 committee’s public hearings this summer when he declared in videotaped testimony that

 Donald Trump’s election fraud claims were “bullshit,” “completely bullshit,” “stupid,” “crazy,” “complete nonsense,” and “a great, great disservice to the country.”

But it’s important to remember that for the majority of the time he was serving as attorney general, Barr operated the Justice Department like it was the 45th president’s personal law firm and his title was “chief footstool to Donald Trump.” Yes, whether he was claiming, with a straight face, that the FBI had violated Trump’s “civil liberties,” using the DOJ to try to kill a rape defamation suit against the president, or attempting to bury the “urgent“ whistle-blower report that became the basis of the House’s first impeachment proceedings against Trump, Barr made his loyalties very, very clear. But in case you needed further evidence that the former AG was a total hack, today’s your lucky day!