If All Media was just their own kind of Fart? And we were real Pigs?

If we could just flip to all of us being Pigs, if you woke up and were Just a PIG, what would you do if All of Media was Farts. Where’d you race your little short tail to? Your little short legs?

  1. To the smelliest, stinkiest pile of Shit that your short legs could race to. And!
  2. Then stick your big ugly snout into that Shit like you Loved it. You gonna want to fall all in it and rub it all over your Pig Body.
  3. And where one found a Super Fresh Pile of the Stinkiest Shit, they’d let out a Loud Squeal of Joy, and instantly you’d drop what you were doing and race to get to yet another Pile of Shit.
  4. And you’ll Race to the Oldest, Stinkiest! The Older it is, the More Stink it will give off and you love that Shit. So, Shit falling out the Asses of anyone 80 or Older gonna cause a Mad Hatter Rush like you done struck Gold. And some lucky pig gonna have their Snout stuck right in that old ASS. Hoping, even praying more will fall out.
  5. But the Stinkiest Pile of Shit gonna get the most attention by all us Pigs. And…

So, just slow your Roll. Chasing the Daily Pile of New Shit is all lots are doing. And Some Podcasters know this. And that’s why they try to create, YES CREATE, a fresh Batch of Shit every day. And the crazier their Story Shit is, they know it’ll bring out the Pigs and piglets who won’t question the Story and spread that Podcaster Shit like they done found some Bars of Gold. But it’s all Stupid Shit!

The truth has been twisted! And yet, you’d rather spread Fresh Stupid Shit, even though you know that Media Source has a Super Low TRUST, HONESTY LEVEL RATING!

People Trying to Justify and get behind Trump’s Angry Statements against the FBI, I find appalling and totally Unacceptable. This is placing these Brave Men and Women and their Families in Harm’s Way. And that Entertainer President is a Head Pig trying to feed all of his Pig Followers and Piglets. Trump making such dangerous Statements is Unacceptable!

Trump caused the Mar-a-Largo Search and retrieval of National Archive Documents he knew he had to RETURN. He was asked multiple times to return them. But why not? He even instructed one Lawyer to Write all had been returned.

But they weren’t. Why? The BAD BOY FBI is going over Mar-a-Largo Closed Circuit Security Camera Recordings to determine exactly who was removing and putting BOXES in the Same Rooms where these Dangerous National Secrets were being stored.

Were they involving themselves in possibly the Biggest Spy Ring in American History? We’re talking people who had NEVER BEEN RESEARCHED for a Top Secret Security Clearance having access to these Records that had No Place being at a Golf Resort. A Good Club? Really?

And of you like Fresh Pig Shit, what was taking place at Mar-a-Largo may have been a 100 times worse that J6. May turn out to be something so very bad, Super Stinky, Maybe the Stinkiest Shit Yet, and you’re gonna really be eating up at that Pig Shit Trough.

Enjoy your Shit all you Pigs who blindly follow Podcasters. See it for what it is! It ain’t worth following a Shit Spreader. Never has been. Never will be…

No, I don’t think you are a PIG.

This is if you woke up and found you had really turned into what you are spreading. Have you? Something beautiful or something very Stinky? Can’t retract that Shit Man!!! So, why spread it at all? That all you got to talk about? Is it? I bet not if you’d only try.

So think up the next big Thing you are gonna blame Biden for and drop the Anti-FBI Rhetoric. They are still the Best of the Best! So, quit being a PIG, if you are, and get back to enjoying life as it was meant to enjoy. And quit pigging on others with your Shit, if you are…be Nice! Play Nice!