I’d Vote For Liz Cheney! And not a Trump Endorsed Candidate! Liz is part of a Handful trying to SAVE AMERICA from TRUMP and his Lies!!!

Freedom means too much to me and maybe you too. My friends and relatives that have Died to keep the Tree of Freedom fed fresh with the Blood of America Veterans cannot be simply ignored or overlooked.


As an 🇺🇸 Army Veteran, I do ponder if the real reason Why Trump continues to Attack our Sacred Way of American Life where Freedom is bountiful and full, is from his own Guilt of being a Draft Dodger and the constant Attacks he must have to had to endure when he tried to explain his Bone Spurs on his feet. And he dare not reveal the Americanized Russian Doctor who signed off on his deferment. Out of these Attacks, did he then come away with a Mindset that is set on the Destruction of America and wanting Democracy Replaced with a Dictator as long as he is that DICTATOR?

Yes, the Vietnam War was a cruel War that left many Veterans at ends with America as being outcasts. And was this what, with the help of foreign Spies, was able to TURN Trump?

But the most All American Politician I believe is Senator Luz Cheney. She has stood up against a very Evil Man and if her Message is allowed to Die, then we are forever not worthy of being Called Americans. At least. Not Free Americans.