500-1000 Russian Soldiers are dying every day. Many of over 15,000 bodies now litter all across Ukraine…98,000 have now Died!

22.67% are dying of Starvation. WW-II and Nuclear Bunker Storage Rations are being fed to front line Troops of Russia. But canned Cabbage in rusty cans is not going over well with food poisoning taking place every day now. And there is No Meat but dogs and cats the Russian Soldiers are cooking. And in many places, these Invading Troops have already eaten all of the Ukrainian Livestock.

Poor Planning and Poor Logistical Support of the Russian Military is proving that the Great Russian Army isn’t as Great as Putin has said it was to the World. It’s one of the poorest performing Militaries in the World Today. And Putin has been begging for help for his Misguided Invasion from many of his Allies who have refused to send in their own Troops to be killed in what they say now makes no sense. No sense at all.

Putin has boxed himself into a Corner while still lying to his Countrymen. It goes well he says every day. But families are now Reporting Deaths and Injuries to their sons who were Conscripted to fight Putin’s Propaganda War. And the Russian People are slowing to the realization that they are being led by a Madman. But they still love him.

But we’ll see how much they love him when the Death Toll hits 250,000.

Putin’s Army of Thieves stealing anything that is not nailed down.