“These Georgia counties are not equipped to protect their software from attacks from people bent on disrupting the democratic process”…

This article is utterly FRIGHTENING! It could PROVE that no matter what, The 2024 Presidential Election will be COMPROMISED!

A team of computer experts directed by lawyers allied with President Donald Trump copied sensitive data from election systems in Georgia as part of a secretive, multistate effort to access voting equipment that was broader, more organized and more successful than previously reported, according to emails and other records obtained by The Washington Post.

As they worked to overturn Trump’s 2020 election defeat, the lawyers asked a forensic data firm to access county election systems in at least three battleground states, according to the documents and interviews. The firm charged an upfront retainer fee for each job, which in one case was $26,000.

Another frightening example of how far Trump and His Crime Family were going to flip the 2020 Presidential Election.

The Richfield security breach is one of four similar incidents being investigated by Michigan’s current attorney general, Democrat Dana Nessel. Under state law, it is a felony to seek or provide unauthorized access to voting equipment.


You know, I am very flabbergasted and cannot, for the life of me, understand why Flipping the 2020 Presidential Election was taken to such great lengths of these now revealing Criminal Conspiracies? I’m shocked. I’m stunned. Was a Foreign Government or Governments involved? Or is the Trump Organized Crime Family that well enhanced to do just about anything? On this massive Level? Every week now, these Strange Lawsuits from across America still under investigation are pointing to something far more sinister than anything that President Richard Nixon attempted to do in Watergate. To take this to this length is completely unfathomable. But the amount of Planning and Carrying out of Instructions or Orders were done in a Level of Great Military Precision. To the Level of War Planning.

But I cannot see this all pointing to Trump actin alone. I give him credit for part of it. But! Too much took place to not now see a greater Serpent Issue that, most likely, will take a hand in the 2024 Presidential Election. Will it, I must now ASK, be Really STOLEN? By a Group of the Most Sinister Individuals that ever existed?

And if they do, they too will be willing to put any of 🇺🇸 under 6′ of dirt over our Bodies. Any 🇺🇸 -icans! You, me, any of us!