Saudi Arabia gave Jared Kushner $2 Billion Dollars and he was Rejected for a Top Secret Clearance?

Mar-a-Lardo Search of the Trump Organized Crime Family has all the earmarks of an Organized Crime Family in Modern Day History.

Saudi Arabia gives Jared Kushner $2 Billion Dollars and what did they get in RETURN? But something seems very queer about all of this. Very, very Odd. Did Jared tell someone which Documents to take with him?

Officials rejected Jared Kushner for top secret security clearance, but were overruled

Trump appointee ‘overruled’ rejection of Jared Kushner’s top security clearance

And now, a grave awareness of a Cloak and Dagger existence is unraveling. But what Role, if any, did Jared play in all of this? Did he supply Saudi Arabia with What? Or was it Trump himself?

A new report that a White House official appointed by Donald Trump overruled the advice of two specialist adjudicators to award top security clearance to the president’s son-in-law has raised fresh questions about the way the White House is conducting top security matters.

Jared Kushner was awarded top security clearance giving him access to highly sensitive national security intelligence last May after a prolonged delay in his FBI background checks. Kushner had lost his full clearance a few months before, after it emerged that he had failed to disclose adequate information.

The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, is investigating whether anyone around Mr. Trump conspired with the Russian government to help influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Mr. Kushner’s meetings with the Russian ambassador, a Kremlin-connected lawyer and a prominent Russian banker have all attracted scrutiny.

Whistleblowers on Trump’s National Security Council told a congressional committee in 2019 that attempts by Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, to “transfer sensitive nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia may have violated the law”—and investigators were concerned Trump was “still considering it.”

Speaking of the Saudis: Just two weeks ago, Trump hosted a deeply controversial golf tournament funded by the Saudi government at his Bedminster, New Jersey, club. His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, also recently received $2 billion from the Saudi sovereign wealth fund for his new private-equity firm,

despite a due diligence panel concluding that no one should give him a dime. The man who reportedly overrode those objections? Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Are you starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together? Due Diligence Panel in Saudi Arabia said NOT TO give Jared a single Dime.


As for Trump’s defenders in the GOP? They’d like people to know that even if it does turn out that Trump was keeping nuclear documents at Mar-a-Lago, it’s not a big deal. Is it to YOU? Or you just sitting and watching all of this? Like who cares?

Man, what did Saudi Arabia get for its $2 Billion Dollar Investment? What? If things continue as in the past, Trump’s Organized Crime Family have always been able to deflect all Comers thru his Followers at all Levels repeating that any and all Attacks or Investigations of Trump and his Criminal Empire are always political and some form of hate driven against Trump as more Witch Hunts. Even when he may have committed unprecedented Crimes? His Supporters are Attacking Law Enforcement all across America, with Threats of Violence and Death. But do you care?

Are you smart? I mean really smart? If so, then look at all of this.

  1. Your Highest, most Respected Law Enforcement are attacked and you sit back and watch it. The FBI is under Full Attack.
  2. Your Teachers across America are in an extreme Shortage. And you sit and watch this. With no regard to the impact that this will cause?

When you continue to sit and watch your most Precious things that make a Democracy a Democracy come under Fire, UNDER ATTACK, and you just sit and Watch. Buy how long will this continue? Until there is No Democracy anymore.

This is what the Trump Organized Crime Family wants. And when you sit and watch your Liberties and Democracy struck down, erode away, you’ll know where and when it all come about. It’s coming about Right now.

And who is doing this?

  1. Trump.
  2. Trump Supporting Politicians-n.
  3. Trump’s Violent Supporters! And Hell No, more are Law Abiding that Violence Supporting. But these Violent Supporters are causing No One to Join the 🇺🇸 Military or Law ENFORCEMENT. Everyone who just sits and Watches and Says NOTHING are only allowing this to Take Place! So much so that your Liberties will be destroyed and taken away from you. From all of 🇺🇸. And one day, you won’t have a Strong Military. Poor Law Enforcement.

So, speak up for what is right! Most Americans know that the Search of Mar-a-Lardo was justified. Yet, many came out in force racing to Support Trump and his Claims of

  3. A HOAX!

And yet, his Own Lawyer said that there were No Classified Documents at Mar-a-Lardo. And this has been proven FALSE!

Do you care? Too many DON’T…