Over 95,000 Russian Soldiers have Died in Ukraine! 22% from Starving to DEATH

With Russian Food Shortages growing and swelling to the point of WHY FIGHT? But dying from being given rotten Canned Cabbage to eat from WW-II is a sad way to die.

Russian Soldiers are QUITTING the Putin War and headed back home. Even their Wives and Parents are backing them. One by One they are not waiting to Die from Lack of Food. This is truly a nightmare for a Soldier. To Die of Starvation? Is Ukraine worth so many Dead Russian Soldiers. There are just so many homes they can break into looking for FOOD. And now those homes are empty of Food.

After WW-II, Russians who didn’t comply with the Way of Totalitarianism were sent to Uranium Mines so Russia could keep building as many Nuclear Weapons as possible. They never learned a damn thing from Nagasaki or Hiroshima!


But I totally Agree? Why die of Starvation when you can simply LEAVE.

No one is being SHOT for Desertion. So Just leave and go home to your Families. Better to live than to be left rotting in a field.