Illiteracy and their Blind Faith Following continues…

It’s their IV juice. They are illiterate mostly. They asked some of these illiterates how many days in a year and most got it wrong. WTH? How many weeks in a Year and they didn’t know. None knew how many days in six different months. And this is Your BASE? Your BASE?

The blind following reminds me of some of the brainwashed folks I saw at Religious Revivals. And I went to many when I was young. While weekend Revivals where it went in from Friday evening straight into Sunday night and there weren’t no leaving or going to bed. I saw it. I was part of it. But I wasn’t a Converted Fool. I actually wondered if they really believed the Bullshit some were pedalling. It went far past the Bible Talk I’m talking about. It was the extra bull that they were spreading amongst themselves saying that they knew the day when Christ was coming and then made up other Lies when Christ didn’t show up.

The GOP desperately defending him like he too was a savior like a beaten person in an abusive relationship, where wild and ridiculous reasoning runs rampant and where they’re forever the “real” victim.. To blindly say one Lie after another that is put up on a Media Site is sad. They are mere Repeaters.

To say that the FBI serving a Search Warrant at Mar-a-Lardo would Galvanize the Base And it is true. The Base is so Illiterate, they believe anything that they are fed. They are News Repeaters repeating whatever they are told and Repeaters love Company.

But I honestly don’t care. As long as they aren’t taking guns to the Streets killing all Non-Repeaters. That’s when the Bull has connected too far. Many will Kill for their Leader. Look at J6!

But for Politicians to Call for the Defunding of the FBI is just looney-Toon Bull. And lots of Repeats are running all over the internet. Repeaters doing their Repeating! Like they got a Repeating Disease.

We got too many Repeaters instead of Bible Totting Believers. What happened to them? Where are the Peacemakers? The Meek? No, instead, we got lots of instigators of Crap. Spreading Instigating Lies! REPEATERS! ARE You ONE squawking like a Parrot? Can’t Say nothing on your own no more? Why not? You forgot how to use your words? YOUR WORDS? NOT THE WORDS PUT IN YOUR MIND! Do you ever stop to think how Stupid being a Repeater makes you Look?

But man, too many have no clue of their History. Too few read it. If they did, they’d realize How Hitler led his followers down a path of Destruction. And that’s what is taking place. Too many are blindly following and repeating Daily Juiced-Up Lies. Damn, I never seen so many Illiterates! Have you ever?

How did they pass High School? How. Repeating Illiterates! Man, I feel sorry for all y’all. I do. I still USE My Own WORDS. And I do lots of Research! Try some too. Instead of getting pissed that others think you so Stupid. Stupid is As Stupid Does…