No food, No money, No Help from State Officials, being Bused to God Knows Where NEXT is the biggest boot to the ASS these Mexican Migrants have ever felt. It is another form of White Man’s

MEXICAN GENOCIDE! I’m surprised Mexico hasn’t Gotten majorly Upset.

As a Texan, I am shamed of this Unnatural Human Behavior showing no empathy for the plight of these Migrants at all. It is so Castro Ideological that it ain’t even funny. Wonder who helped someone come up with this Bad Idea where GOP Governors are pitting themselves against Governors and Mayors out of their States against each other? Like Texas is this unbelievable Kingdom? Trump’s Master Plan of Destroying America continues to Unravel. And Saying The FBI planted EVIDENCE against him at Mar A Lardo is only another way to put poison into the minds of his followers that the FBI cannot be Trusted. No, it’s him who cannot be trusted.