Hey Texas, why are some Cities charging a new Regulatory Fee on Electric Bills while others are not? Is this a Scam Charge?

At our Farm outside Gatesville, Texas, there was No Regulatory Fee on the Electric Bill.  Hamilton County Electric Co-op is the Provider.

At a friend’s home in Longview Texas, there is No Regulatory Fee.  SWEPCO is the Provider.

At another friends Home in Caldwell, Texas, there is No Regulatory Fee.

Another woman told me that they have Blue Bonnet Electric so we’re playing by Brenham, Texas rules. But, I don’t see a new Regulatory fee tho.

So, Gatesville, Longview, Caldwell, and Brenham don’t charge a new Regulatory Fee.

And another BTU Customer used found her BTU bill for July and it was $28.62 for the new Regulatory Fee. And she used 1934 kwh at her home.

We used 2549kwh and were charged a new Regulatory Fee of $38.77.

But I finally found out what the Regulatory Fee is in Austin, Texas!  But why isn’t everyone charging for it?  But there are only Two Cities I know in Texas that is charging it. Here in the Brazos County by BTU and Austin Energy? Austin Energy is the United States’ 7th largest public utility, serving more than 500,000 customers and more than one million residents (as of 2019) within a service area of approximately 437 square miles (1,130 km2), including Austin, Travis County and a small portion of Williamson County.

I asked ERCOT and PUC and both said to ask my Utility why the Charge? There is something wrong about this. But what is it?


I called my Utility Company and they said the new Regulatory Fee was a Charge Straight from ERCOT. I’m sorry, I don’t buying that because they aren’t going to nickle and dime the Customer.

But something doesn’t seem on the Up and Up because not all Cities are charging this new Fee and all the Actors appear not to be on the same page. So, where is this Money going? Where?


Regulatory Charge — The Regulatory Charge recovers dollar-for-dollar Austin Energy’s share of the costs of managing, using, and maintaining the ERCOT-wide transmission grid, as well as other regulatory fees and charges. Transmission charges and fees are based on Austin Energy’s share of the summer ERCOT peak demand — about 4% of the statewide total. These costs are reviewed, approved, and apportioned under rules established by the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

But not all Texas Cities are charging a new Regulatory Fee and why not? Please Check and see if you got hammered with this new Fee?