TEXAS is Hell-Bent on TAXING TEXANS out of their Homes!

THE TEXAS PROPERTY Taxman Cometh! And he wants your Home!

What’s Really going On? We’re getting screwed six ways of Friday.

TEXAS Property TAX is a SIN against Mankind! And AUSTIN Lawmakers are such hypocrites! They’re RICH and piss on all the little people. If you aren’t attending all the Big Donor Dinners, you ain’t NOBODY in Texas. Might as well just be another damn illegal Immigrant. What? Pay Yo Taxes and go crawl back under a Mesquite Tree.

Texans are Selling their Homes in Record Numbers. But this new phenomenon is taking place when fellow Texans Retire! Why? After they Retire, they can’t afford the Property Tax any longer. A Fixed Income is a DEATH BLOW to Old Folks. And It’s a Damn Shame!

And you think this is Bullshit? Wait until you Retire and then you’ll See. Many are barely holding onto their Homes and have cut out so many fun things that it’s not funny any longer. But it never has been funny. It’s so Criminal it’s not even funny. And it never has been funny.

Retired Texans are cutting out-

  1. 70% of needed Groceries.
  2. They Drive into or around Town once every two weeks. They got $5 Dollars earmarked for Gasoline.
  3. They raise their Thermostats to 85 Degrees.
  4. They take their Pets to shelters.
  5. Goodbye DIRECT TV.
  6. Goodbye Cloths purchases. Or Body Washes or perfumes. Or Soap.
  7. Goodbye Birthday Gifts to grandkids.
  8. Goodbye another Vacation ever.
  9. Hello Food Pantry Car Line.
  10. Hello Cutting Prescription Drugs in Half. Actually cutting Pills in half. Using only a 1/2 dose of anything.
  11. Hello, Early Grave.


This spring, many Texas homeowners had an extreme case of sticker shock when they received their appraisal notices. For example, the median market value for homes in Travis County soared from $411,658 in 2021 to $632,208 in 2022, a record 54 percent jump. For weeks, the talk of the home-owning bourgeoisie was property taxes, property taxes, property taxes. Renters, meanwhile, braced themselves for another wave of rent hikes. 

Texas is in such an incredible pace right now of Kicking the Elderly out of their Homes!

What was to be done? Real estate professionals, journalists, and elected officials encouraged homeowners to file protests by the mid-May deadline. And a record number of Texans did so. Protests in Travis County (Austin) are up 20 percent over last year. In nearby Williamson County (Leander, Round Rock), 25 percent. In Collin (Frisco, McKinney, Plano), 24 percent. In Bexar County (San Antonio), 15 percent. The hearings began in May and continued into July. Tax bills go out in the fall. 

Politicians, on any Level, are the Rodents eating our flesh away. They are maggots. They cannot and never have truly helped Texans and their Property Taxes. Their pissing into a can ain’t gonna get it.

The ones using this Property Tax Monies DON’T give a Shit.

Texans are ANGRY! Aren’t YOU ANGRY TOO?