Is Jing Xi ready to Play Chinese Donkey Kong?

Is Jing Xi ready to Play Chinese Donkey Kong?

Homeland China is a tinderbox for Revolution. The Chinese People are very

dissatisfied with Jing Xi. His Follow Me at all Costs Attitude is falling apart. And he is WORRIED!

And Jing Xi has been waging a Huge Anti-American Campaign since Trump accused China of Creating Covid19 in a Lab.

And then, China unleashed a Pro-Chinese Movie where American G.I.s are Murdered by the Chinese Soldiers during the Korean War. This Movie has pumped up Huge Anti-American Sentiment. They are foaming at the mouth to Murder Americans because they think we are the Neo Nazi.

And now, Jing Xi is using the Nancy Pelosi Trip as His last Chance to Hold onto Power.

It is Rumored that Jing Xi has a great fear of being eaten by Pelosi

To use a weather wrinkled Old Woman over 82 years old as his Rallying Cry is so L A M E! And just so S T U P I D.

And with his Super Pact with Putin, a hungry Jing Xi looking for Chinese Approval may go full-blown Putin on Taiwan. But won’t last long. Jing Xi considers himself a Mentalist knowing all things

A war in Taiwan would past only 72-Hour. Or 72 Minutes. China would REMOVE and EXECUTE the Ones running Taiwan. And put in another Puppet Group to run Taiwan like Hong Kong.

And then, China would Win an Instant falling Out of Chinese Goods refused by Americans.

Taiwan exports a lot of things to America and a lot of it comes straight from China. But China has now Cutoff all High Level Communications with America. And they could be saying that Right Now, they are going to Invade Taiwan just like Russia invaded Ukraine. But they’ll Call Taiwan and workout a Rehearsal.

Attacking fellow Chinese is RIDICULOUS. But most folks don’t realize what China has become. It is another Russia in every manner. China has taken Putin’s Playbook and made it their own. They CONTROL all Media that they Spoon Feed into the mouths of their Citizens.

And if you don’t like it, they’ll put a .22 Bullet in your Head. In case you don’t understand, I would never Visit China as Tourists or especially being an American. Why? Jing Xi and his minions have been overfeeding China’s Folks bad information saying all Their problems are being Created by the American Neo-Nazi.

Nope! It’s the CONTROL FREAK JING XI! And that’s how they do in China. The current population of China is 1,450,917,386 as of Friday, August 5, 2022, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data. China 2020 population is estimated at 1,439,323,776 people at mid year according to UN data. China population is equivalent to 18.47% of the total world population.

You CANNOT CONTROL over 1.4 Billion Chinese thru Democracy. You got to go Blood Thirsty Putin Control Style. And that’s what they are doing.

But if they do Invade Taiwan, Taiwan already have said that they don’t want their Country destroyed by a War between two Super Powers. They WILL SURRENDER. In minutes or a few days. Not weeks! The Taiwanese don’t have an appetite for a Fight.

WAR GAMES and Their INTIMIDATION has been the New Jing Xi Treatment by China for a long time now on Taiwan. And for the most part, the Taiwanese Ignore it.

We live next to Fort Hood and you get used to the Combat Jets Flying over. And the Artillery Explosions being practiced. You ignore it.

But Worry? I wouldn’t! If Jing Xi takes Control of Taiwan, he’ll be faced with Worker Walkouts and folks quitting their Jobs than work for Jing Xi. And many Companies would pull out of Taiwan. And China would be stuck with another Big Fat Headache that isn’t worth causing.

But Jing Xi, You do what you do and I’ll sleep like a Baby. Hopefully, you will too.


If you don’t live in China or Taiwan, don’t worry about it!