Is Dak Prescott another Tony Romo Playoff disappointment?

Who has better stats Romo or Aikman?

But in 165 regular-season games, Aikman threw 4,715 passes. Romo threw 4,335 passes in 156. So there goes that argument. At 97.1, Romo currently has the ninth-highest passer rating in NFL history, just one spot behind Tom Brady.

Romo won 61.4% of the games he started over the course of his career. Prescott has won 62.3%. Prescott’s passer rating is also just a single point higher (98.7 to 97.1) than Romo’s in part because he has completed 66.6% of his passes to Romo’s 65.3%.

Going back to when Romo took over as the starter, the Cowboys are 2-6 in playoff games. With the loss to San Francisco, Prescott’s playoff record over his first six years as the starter in Dallas is 1-3.

But the biggest Question is whether we have ourselves another Can’t Do it in the Playoffs Romo?. Are Romo’s Numbers fading back thru Dak’s Jersey? Can’t get it together to get to the Biggest Game but can’t Win the Games that Solidify a Quarterback from all the Rest? Can’t Win is a dismal feeling for Cowboys Fans.

But I don’t Blame Dak. Nope, I blame it on The Cowboys Management. They are always Saying Got it this Year. Gonna be the One. But it always comes down to another Flat Tire when it counts the most. Another Flat Tire in the Playoffs.

But what I Blame if you want to Blame something is that the Cowboys don’t have the Drive or Talent to Win it All. They don’t. They DON’T. That Cowboy Fire is Dead. Like the camaraderie is Dead. Not a Group playing together. Not a Team playing together as a Team.

Have they overrated Themselves? They believe their own Hype?

But they come to play as if they are gonna Win because the other Team will Fold their Cards. The Cowboys come out as if they have already Won. They come out with a Huge Chip on their Shoulders in the Playoffs but only forget their Fundamentals. Too many Players are ONLY worried about padding their Sellability to the next Highest Bidder in the Off Season.

They go into ITS ONLY ABOUT ME MODE. Forget the Team. I got to Look extra Good. And they all look at the Big TV Screen at AT&T Stadium like little Kids eating Popcorn at a Picture Show and not looking at each other keeping Focused on the Team as a Team. Keeping focused on the GAME!

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The Game is not Won on that Screen. It’s Won on the Field.

But the real Cowboy Fire just doesn’t seem to be there. Does it to you?

And has that Fire Died? Are other Players turned off by the Big Paydays of other Players? Have some forgot how RB Emmett Smith did amazing things to keep his Linemen Happy? The Gifts he gave? He kept them Happy!

I see Dak trying to fire up other Players who seem only to Ignore him. They aren’t riding with His Brand.

Too much money can cause Lack Luster Performances by other Players. Jealousy? Sure and it appears to have reared its ugly Head in Dallas.. Players holding back on purpose trying to make several years longer. Dallas has a Problem and I don’t believe they have the Problem Solvers there to Fix it?

Dak might not ever get it back and go down as Romo’s Romo’s Romo’s little Brother…what a shame when so much Hope was riding on Dallas.

And the New Wave of Professional Football is NOT having a Good Year with little to no injuries. Injuries are Plaguing the Game of Professional Football.