Americans are being PROGRAMMED! Questions and Answers!

And if you don’t think so, then just keep reading.

What’s got you Upset the Most?

  1. Inflation?
  2. Gasoline Prices?
  3. Rent Increases?
  4. Housing Cost per Home? Housing Increases?
  5. Grocery Prices?
  6. OMG! Latest New One is RECESSION!

You do you realize that your being Upset is everywhere you look and yet, it boils down to only one thing Americans are now being Programmed on what to Think! On what to Worry About?

And whose at the very Center of all of this?


1. Inflation?

Okay, let’s think about this. The word is too often being Over Used. Inflation: All-Inclusive Fits All Needs Word. And it only depends on exactly what the Subject is.

Everyday, Americans are going to the News to get their Daily DATA that is PROGRAMMED into their Brains. And One of the Above 7 is being jack-hammered up everyone’s Butts. And it’s because it Brings you back to that same News Channel. Why? Americans have now been PROGRAMMED To WORRY! And WORRY a Lot.

So, you are going to get your Latest Worry Data fed into your Brains.

And along with this is the News Promoting the Idea that All Data to Worry About is a Direct Result of President Biden and something he has done or hasn’t done. So, they now have added new Data for your Brains to be Upset with President Biden. No Matter What. Forget about taking the time to Read all the Articles, Americans want their DATA to be spoon fed to them so they don’t have to go anywhere else. OMG! Heaven Forgive you Worry about another Something when your Mind is focused on Getting back to a TV Series, Movie, or Video Game. But they are PROGRAMMED to get a daily dose of Worry Data.

2. Gasoline


Gasoline was Selling for $3.28 a gallon up near Dallas yesterday. But you’ve already been Programmed that Gasoline Prices are going to Race to unbelievable Prices. AND THEY HAVEN’T! WHAT? BAD DATA INPUT?

Who got that Wrong?

As of Friday, 10 June, the national average cost of a gallon of gasoline in the US stood at $4.986, according to the AAA. A month ago customers were shelling out $4.373 and this time last year a gallon was being sold for $3.073. With little end in sight to the ongoing energy crisis, it seems to be only a matter of time before the historical record for a gallon in the US is beaten: in July 2008 the price of gas hit $4.14 per gallon, which when adjusted for inflation would be around $5.37 in today’s dollars.

In grim news for motorists, JP Morgan has forecast the average price of gasoline could reach $6.20 per gallon by August this year, assuming that there is no swift resolution to the factors currently fueling the price rises.

3. Rent Increases

WHY? GREED! GREED! GREED! LANDLORDS and Corporates that Own Rental Properties are sucking and bleeding the Renter Dry. And they are going to Take these Increases Rising until they have to begin Lowering them. And it doesn’t look like anytime soon. No Relief is coming anytime soon.

4. Housing Costs

Housing Prices increased because of Building Supply Shortages initially. But has never changed. Now, the reason is GREED! Greedy Home Owners Selling and especially Corporations that are Buying Up Houses in Record Numbers and then Reselling them for a quick Profit. It’s the QUICK FLIP GAME. And as long as Consumers are Paying, they will keep raising the Costs of Homes.

It’s a SCAM! People using other people’s money to buy. Then do a little cleaning and Repainting and Resell for $20-30,000 more

5. Grocery Prices?

Gasoline has gone down. But CRAP TO THIS!!!

DIESEL PRICES have not fallen down equivalently to Gasoline Prices. And WTH? Is this all about?

The Major Oil Companies are Reporting the Highest Profits for the 2nd Quarter in their Histories. THE MOST! And why? They are putting THE ScrewS to Americans! And when they Arbitrarily Keep the Diesel Prices Sky High when they should have Fallen, they never expected you to Pay ATTENTION. But now you KNOW!

And those Profits mean higher Grocery Prices because the Trucks are running on Gasoline.

Exxon Mobil (Ticker: XOM) is expected to generate about $41 billion of net income in 2022, up from $23 billion last year.  And as their Profits go up, your Food and all items brought by 18-wheelers is going to Go Up Too! Fast Food Too! Perfume. You name it.

But they aren’t worried because you have already been given the Biden is the blame Data for your Brains. Why? Big Executives in multi fields have Big Investments in the Oil Giants. Retirement Funds are looking better.

So when the Profits are good, the Rich keep getting Richer. And that means you don’t have a place to Call and Complain. Why? You are already sending your Blame to the wrong Doorstep. But who Cares? Right? Wrong! Place it where it needs to Go!

Just look for yourselves-

July 25, 20225.268
July 18, 20225.432
July 11, 20225.568
July 04, 20225.675
June 27, 20225.783
June 20, 20225.81
June 13, 20225.718
June 06, 20225.703
May 30, 20225.539
May 23, 20225.571
May 16, 20225.613
May 09, 20225.623
May 02, 20225.509
April 25, 20225.16
April 18, 20225.101
April 11, 20225.073
April 04, 20225.144
March 28, 20225.185
March 21, 20225.134
March 14, 20225.25
March 07, 20224.849
February 28, 20224.104
February 21, 20224.055
February 14, 20224.019
February 10, 20223.074
February 07, 20223.951
January 31, 20223.846
January 24, 20223.78
January 17, 20223.725
January 10, 20223.657
January 03, 20223.613
December 27, 20213.615
December 20, 20213.626
December 13, 20213.649
December 06, 20213.674
November 29, 20213.72
November 22, 20213.724
November 15, 20213.734
November 08, 20213.73
November 01, 20213.727
October 25, 20213.713
October 18, 20213.671
October 11, 20213.586
October 04, 20213.477
September 27, 20213.406
September 20, 20213.385
September 13, 20213.372
September 06, 20213.373
August 30, 20213.339
August 23, 20213.324

6. Recession? Jesus Christ, what? More Bad Data for your Brains? It’s not a damn thing to Worry about. It’s a good Sign the System is Working. But over worrying is ridiculous.

Turn the News Off! Get back to your Gaming and Fun. Lol