ELECTRIC Vehicles and the Five Biggest Consumer Questions and Answers!

  1. How much does an Electric Vehicle Costs?
  2. How long does an Electric Vehicle Battery Last?
  3. How long does an Electric Vehicle Battery Cost to Replace?
  4. How much does it Cost to Charge my New Electric Vehicle?
  5. How much does an Electric Vehicle Charging Station for my Home gonna Cost me?


The 2022 Nissan Leaf starts under $28,000, but prices soar to well over $100,000 for an electric SUV, pickup or high-performance luxury car.



How long do EV batteries last? Under current estimates, most EV batteries will last somewhere between 10-20 years before they need to be replaced. However, according to a survey by Cox Automotive, many potential EV buyers have reservations when it comes to battery life and the costs associated with battery replacement.


Some EV batteries cost as little as $2,500 to replace, while others can be upwards of $20,000, according to an analysis by Recurrent Auto. Even at the low end, that’s still about as much as replacing a gasoline vehicle’s transmission. The good news is, we’ll probably see those costs decline in the next few years.


Fully recharging an electric car with a healthy range of 300 miles would require 75-100 kWh and cost $10-$14.


At-Home EV Charging Station Installation Costs- If your home already has a 240-volt circuit available, the basic installation will cost you between $250 and $400. However, if you choose to mount a station and run 50-amp dedicated wiring, it will cost you between $400 and $1,700.

Okay, with the Senate passing the Big SAVE OUR PLANET and REDUCE INFLATION BILL, the Odds of all of 🇺🇸 one day getting into an Electric Vehicle is looking more promising than ever before. And If you don’t, you want to be dependent on Gasoline or Diesel director vehicle that is a huge Polluter of our Air.

And I already Blogged about swapping out your Old Gasoline Motor with a powerful Electric Motor. Crate Kits are just on the Horizon.

So, it’s simpler to make the Big Swap and get on with the Future.

Never Fear the Future…