Breaking Away from Trump Clean is like Quitting Smoking or Quitting Drinking

There never will be a greater task for any individual who became a Lover of All Things Trump. Like a well-scripted Entertainer, Trump came in and wooed his audiences with a unique kind of flair. And his attempts to woo approval from working-class voters were met with much success. Fact is, they loved him and couldn’t get enough of him.

His wooing was almost hypnotic and was in some cases. And Then Came January 6. And now, a full blown Criminal Investigation is being carried out by the DOJ. For anyone ignorant to what that means, It means it’s time to BREAK CLEAN from Trump.

And that won’t be easy. It’ll be much like Quitting Smoking or Quitting Drinking. And 🇺🇸 doesn’t want anyone thinking Trump being charged with any Crimes is An Excuse to take to Violence to try and SAVE HIM! At the Point of Him being Charged, it will mean enough Evidence was found to Charge Him with a Crime and it had been found by Investigators and a Grand Jury said YES, he must be Brought for Trial.

Unlike the Impeachment where the GOP Solidarity in the Senate refused to find him Guilty. This, yes this now is a Criminal Investigation. INVESTIGATION OF A CRIMINAL. Let that sink in. INVESTIGATION of a Criminal. And then, everyone need to just to BACK OFF and Let the Courts have their Day. Not a time to suddenly show immense SOLIDARITY with Trump any longer until his Trial or Plea Bargains are done. Or he is found Innocent?

Just STOP, RELAX, AND WAIT and see as all of us sees. 🇺🇸 will not need a Dog and Donkey Show of Stupidity while creating a sideshow while a very Serious Event of Trying an Ex-President of America takes place. If it indeed does take place.

Do you remember when Martha Stewart was sent to Prison? She went. She did some time and now, she is flourishing again. And others who were in the Spotlight and went to Prison are flourishing again too.

So, take a Big Chill Pill if Trump is Indicted on Criminal Charges. Don’t Sweat it. And if Convicted, it will be the Most definite time to separate yourself from Him. Or who knows, you could still ask Him to put you on His Visitation List and then go see him on a Golf Course in a Federal Prison. One designed for the White Privileged and RICH.