One day, a BUTTON on a Computer will be pushed and when they do this to you, Your life on the Internet Will cease to Exist. As if you never EVER EXISTED!

No more TEXT MESSAGES. No More Surfing the Web. No more NOTHING on the Web. And if THEY find out that you used a Friend’s Internet, they’ll DEATH Sentence them too.

And I know, you think this a Joke. But FOLKS, it is Coming.


People are Sick and tired of all the Fake News. And the Trollers. And they want the ones doing it completely SHUTDOWN! KICKED OFF THE INTERNET FOREVER! NO TRIAL. NO JURY. JUST YOU MELT AWAY in just seconds. And GOODBYE!

Are we headed that way? Yes, we are.

Phone Trollers are Stupid Idiots. Their Games are being RECORDED. Just FILE with the FBI and they’d start Building a CASE against the one bothering you. So keep Calling and get ready for JAIL TIME. Lol…