We almost had to Evacuate Our Home Today. What would you Do? Stay and Fight? Or Run?

We got this EMERGENCY ALERT MESSAGE today on our Cell Phones.

OMG! What to do? We texted our Kids. And they helped us think on what to do.

Great Reporting by the KBTX-TV News Team!
Stay and Fight or RUN!

And to make things very strange was that we were waiting for our TV to have a GEEK SQUAD Technician come and Repair our TV from Best Buy. It was broke And We were listening to Pandora on my Cell Phone. Listening to the Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson Station. But, We found nothing on the News on our Phones. Our Kids found something before we ever did. But we called them.

And we called our Kids and they asked-

  1. Where are you going to go?. Great Question. My first thought was which Hotel allowed Two German Shepherds?
  2. You need to pack some clothes and get out. GO! Okay!
But the whole Event made me ponder-When you are given 5-10 minutes before you have to run away from your Home, what do you Take? I think you might Want to have a Tier One List and a Tier Two List.
  1. Kids and Family 1st. Of course.
  2. Pets.
  3. A firearm.
  4. Medications.
  5. Some clothes. Grab a trash bag full. Tooth paste and tooth brush.
  6. Checks. Billfold/Purse.
  7. Our WILLs. Don’t want to have to pay several thousand dollars to have them redone.
  8. Briefcase with important Documents in it like land Deeds. Car Titles.

1. And 2. Are Most important. 3. Would be nice. If you forget 4. You might pay several thousand to replace. Insurance Won’t do it for you. Sure, you’ll get home burned down money. But that’s gonna take a minute. You got thousands stashed away for a Big Fire Day? So, let’s prioritize two Lists. And what are your first Tier One List and on your 2nd Tier Two List going to be? One might be for a 5-Minute Trial Run Thru. And A second one done too for a 10-Minute Trial Run Thru or Time Limit.

Tier One List is kind of your Most Needed to do List or SAVE.

Tier Two is maybe a Wish List Tier List. But keep Time in mind.

Then later, we got this-

But when you don’t have the time to decide your List, you might want to Plan Ahead And to make Two 3″×5″ Index Cards with a Tier One List. And the other with a Tier Two List. Do this Now!

Then in an EMERGENCY, you can grab your Lists and do them as Time permits. And quickly. Without any mental confusion or hesitation.

If it’s only your Lives you can save, then SAVE YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY and FORGET YOUR LISTS altogether!

Take a minute and think about this and ask yourself what you would do? I only thought about where to go and maybe a Gun too and I was told to pack some Clothes by my kids who have their own children. Clothes weren’t even on my mind. I thought about the Pets. And where to go?

So, if I was being TESTED? I failed miserably. And I don’t want you to fail either. So, I’ve Blogged this in Hopes of Helping You before you have an Emergency Alert Evacuation Notice to reach your Cell Phone. I admit it. I wasn’t prepared. And it felt strange. More embarrassing than anything else for being so unprepared.

I don’t want you to be as unprepared as I was today. And you can help yourself quickly by two simple Lists.

Do a 5-Minute Drill and see How much you can do. Without a List.

With a List, you can do some serious rat killing stuff.

Without a List, You could pick Stuff and make some Bad Choices of what to SAVE. Just take a minute or Two and make your Lists now.

It’ll help give you get some peace of mind. You may have heard this stuff before but when you experience it for real, it’s the Real Deal. Then, it’s Too late For those who didn’t Plan.