Putin is still ASS HOLE NUMBER ONE in the World!

And screw what the World thought about PUTIN before. In 2014, his Paranoia took full blossom in Crimea. He is a crude, ruthless piece of Dog Shit! And he’s someone I wouldn’t even feed Dog Food to. He’s a Dicktator! A real Penis Breath ASS! And he is going to be remembered as the Biggest Asshole in the World History! Far worse than Hitler himself.

The only different in Putin and Hitler is their Self Assured Destruction Button. And Putin is using his up and he is now on Life 8. Out of Nine Lives.

See little scared baby putin with his deformed lopsided head before he changed his last name from putina which is a Chinese name. Hmm…now ain’t that interesting? He’s part frigging Chinese! Who knew that? Did you know that? He ain’t full blood Cossack or Bolshevik at all. He’s part Chinese. And a drop of Chinese Blood makes him Chinese!!! 4′ 1″ tall?. He cries himself to sleep every night…