Why are Texas Teachers always treated like the Bastard Children?

I substituted as a Teacher for Two Years. It wasn’t my cup of Tea. But not everyone has the Calling or the Fortitude to become and STAY THE COURSE as a Texas Teacher. It takes a very Brave person to take on this Career. And they are offering lots of things to get you into a Classroom. But the things that they are not Offering is Why Teachers QUIT!

  1. Lack of Support. I’m talking Real Support. Not just Verbal Junk. Too many Supervisors or Head of Departments are always Attacking the Teacher often criticizing them daily or weekly. And the Same Stuck UP Asses are in their Positions due to some bad things like having Affairs with their Higher-Ups! Suck Up to Move Up is no way to Reward the more Deserving who Leave instead of watching the Revolving Doors of Sex Affairs.
  2. Pay is not up to Par for what you are Asking these Texas Teachers to do. You want them to go Large and you Pay them Small.
  3. Health Benefits are subpar. Especially Retirees. And their Healthcare Provider just Reported a 4 BILLION DOLLAR PROFIT. And Add Medicare and Go Medicare Advantage Plan is a far cry from what you Receive. More Teachers are having to take out Loans to Pay Medical Bills. A true Travesty.
  4. Students ACTING OUT in the Classroom has become an Epidemic. Cell Phones Acting out to POST is unacceptable.
  5. Principles not Supporting the Teachers is now at a Very High Level. They are more worried about reaching Retirement than fixing the Real Problems. But I’m not sure anyone can Fix Them. The Legislators have boxed the Teachers into a Corner. They have. Having to Teach all Students who are mentally incapable of learning are put in with the Ones who want to Learn. This is only exasperating the Issues of Who’s at Fault.
  6. Police Officers on Campus can create more Issues than being their to subdue the Bad Guys. Often taking sides in Arguments from the wrong point of VIEW.

Texas teachers demand higher pay, safer conditions as school shooting fears rise and staffing worsens https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/education/article/As-school-shooting-fears-rise-and-staffing-17327667.php

The 52 pictures are very interesting. Look at The Ones involving Overcrowded Classrooms. My grandmother only had a 3rd grade education. My grandfather inky a 2nd grade education.

People Today take so much for Granted. So many treating themselves as Privileged. And their Cell Phones only help with such delusional thoughts. But make nightmares for Teachers.