”Menace to Society!” Spreading these Lies is exactly why the United States Capital Was SACKED! RANSACKED!

If you say that someone or something is a menace to other people or things, you mean that person or thing is likely to cause serious harm. In my view, you are a menace to the public.


“The Big Lie has been good only for Trump and has brought him millions in donations, which some evidence suggests may have been mishandled. The Big Lie, and the related violence, election interference and other perceived misconduct, was and is an affront to this nation and its first principles. It has permanently soiled the history pages and deepened the abyss that divides our country and continues to expand due to the delusions and lack of accountability of politicians in both parties.”

In recent years, there’s been ample discussion about what, if anything, it might take for those caught up in Trumpism to conclude that they’ve been scammed. Who, if anyone, will they listen to?

Clearly, these voters will not be persuaded by pundits. Or lawmakers. Or historians. Or prosecutors. Or committee reports. Or special council investigations.

But perhaps they’ll consider listening to those who worked side by side with Trump, and who are now warning the public that he’s a menace?

I don’t think that there is anything that will change their minds. They are FOREVER stuck in Trumpism. And nothing I see or have heard says otherwise. They refuse to be moved. Even if Trump were convicted of Murder, they would never believe it. He’s day it was a Witch hunt and they’d believe it. Placing blame on others is what he does.

Yet, there are a few, very few, who have come back to their Senses. And they are some of the ones arrested for their Bad Behaviors for their participation of Attacking duly legalized Under Oath as Capital Police Officers. These brave men And Women aren’t some form of Bad Scum or to be misinterpreted as Garden Variety Police. No, they are highly respected and went thru rigorous hurdles to be the Best of the Best. Yet, on January 6, they were beaten to a pulp. Beaten Badly with Weapons brought by Trump’s Mob. Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, Bugaloo, and 2 Percenters. All came and Attacked these Police Officers. And some are Killed! Many were Injured. All because of One Man’s Vain Attempt to Remain in Power.

And false claims of IT WAS ANTIFA still resonate among the Trump Proud. Trump’s True Believers. But is Injury and Killing part of their acceptance of what took place on January 6? ANTIFA didn’t have nothing to do with it. So. Why continue these pompous Lies? Are speaking Lies and false narratives the only things these people understand like as if it all has to come from the NATIONAL ENQUIRER?

But I dare not Call any of them Idiots for Calling others Names without any worry of doing so is not how many were raised. I was never taught to follow False gods. But suddenly, it’s Okay. And is it just funny stuff to do before one dies? I won’t do that. I can’t. That’s not me. Is it you?

I read. I watch. I hear. And I can think for Myself thank you very much. Can’t you too? I bet you can and do. But please. Don’t spin that Dr. pepper Bottle, Spin the Bottle, around me and then ask me to follow you, when it points towards me, into a Dark Closet so you can share your Lies that come from the King of all Lies or King Liar. Quit it! Think of what you are truly Saying. Think what you are saying. What you are repeating. Not what others have told you to say. You aren’t a Parrot.

Spreading these Lies is exactly why the United States Capital Was SACKED!!! And make no mistake, it was SACKED! And RANSACKED! And if that doesn’t make your Blood Boil, then you need to get a Reality Check. Being a US Army Veteran, it Boils My Blood! And nothing you can say smooths that over. Nothing. And I don’t love those people. They aren’t Patriots. They aren’t Special unless you think about what ‘Special People’ means-a physical or mental handicap, esp. one that prevents a person from living a normal life or from holding a specific job. So in all due Respect, do you realize what Trump was saying about all of you who SACKED, RANSACKED the 🇺🇸 Capital?

On January 6, 2020, this day became one of Our History’s Darkest Days. And at the same time, it became one of Our Brightest Days because Vice President Pence UpHeld the US Constitution as being an Important Document worth Defending. He stood Tall whereas many had been Calling and Chanting for Him to be Hanged.

And it is a day we can never forget. And now, why are you still defending Trump for his Cowardly Way that he and others attempted to Steal the Voice of the American Voter that had already picked Biden. Biden Won. He got the Votes. He won the Election. It’s Okay to be Upset. To be a Sore Loser. But not to bring Weapons to Washington and Kill and Injure and SACK and RANSACK what we hold Dear to our Hearts. Hurting and Killing Capital Police? That’s sheer Madness!

And make no mistake, it was a close Election. But more came out to Vote and the Popular Vote wanted Trump G O N E. And he still won’t go away. Because many are still believing everything he says as their truth. But its Not at our Truth he Speaks. It was at First that brought you to him like a Flute Player charming a Cobra. But, It’s His truth and only his. Not yours. You are just a simple person whom he considers Special who has led you to believe that suddenly you are part of a Great New Big Deal. But you aren’t. You weren’t. And you never were. The only thing that ever was important or what he counted on is Your willingness to continue and still continue Making a Monthly Donation to Trump Enterprise. And that’s All. All of it in a Nutt Sack. And ultimately, he has downsized all of you back into the Reality of getting hoodwinked by a Billionaire Entertainer. And that’s the truth. The real truth of this Story.

What Trump did on January 6 and in Georgia is unacceptable. It is the worst of the worst. And this unconstitutional belief that No Politician can be held Responsible is a J O K E. The Hand of American Justice is Coming for all of them. FACTS, not Fake Truths, not False Narratives, will stand up in Court.

And ACCOUNTABILITY Day in America is Coming! And its Coming long before 2024.

Those Fake Electors in Georgia are gonna be Hit Hard. What a Stupid Atte2024.wa fix an Election. And 167 Legislators attempted to Fix the Election too. And others. What Secret Stuff did all of you do? Was it Secret Handshakes? Money Under the Table? Future Promises by Trump Himself regardless of how many times he has Lied to Others and Broke Promises? Is Bankruptcy a Broken Promise? Here’s the Six he’s Filed-

  1. 1991: Trump’s Taj Mahal
  2. 1992: First of two Atlantic City casinos owned by Donald Trump.
  3. 1992: Second of two Atlantic City casinos owned by Donald Trump.
  4. 1992:  Trump’s Plaza Hotel in New York City
  5. 2004:  Trump’s Hotels and Casinos Resorts
  6. 2009:  Trump’s Entertainment Resorts

No matter who is in Office, when Crimes are Committed, they must be brought to Justice and turned out penniless.