Listen to This-What if all the Climatologists got Climate Change Wrong?

Listen to This-What if all the Climatologists got Climate Change Wrong?

Yes, what if they all got it wrong? That the Data that they collected had everyone’s eyes fixated in one Direction. But actually, a Big blooper too place and then, KABAM!, Excessive High Temperatures hit the World. No one noticed that the Chinese Ginger Cedar, in above pics, known for its hearty ability to survive the worse of Climate Conditions are now suddenly dying. And its not the heat that they are a huge barometer of Climate Condition Changes. No, it’s the atmosphere that we all breathe. And when the Air is Bad for us, they are the First to go. Europe said Fuk Off repeatedly about Climate Change. Naysayers have too. Others did too. Billionaires have. They said the Data was inconclusive. Facts don’t matter. Science doesn’t Matter. Wasn’t gathered properly. Wasn’t gathered by the proper Learned Men. Wasn’t Funded by the correct Academia Societies.

Wasn’t recognized by the right Billionaires? And isn’t that what really matters? If the Ultra Rich aren’t Onboard, you’re just making mud pies. And now, there is a Heat Wave like never before. All across the Globe.

What? Are you going to say Nothing if next Summer the Temperature is 5-10 Degrees Hotter? And you say–No Way. I don’t believe you. And then the next Summer is far Worse. And the Droughts grow with such intensity that 65% of the World’s Lakes Dry Up. In just a few years. Rainfall suddenly becomes very scarce. And the Landscape starts resembling an Actual Apocalyptic Movie Set. When Clouds can’t gather moisture from evaporation down below, there will be No Rain. And the Fires and the Droughts gave stolen the moisture from the Clouds. And your Farms and Ranches are going to Dry Up!

Then what are you going to do? What if the World has already reached the Point of No Return. Of No Turning Back? And you want to go Outside and Yell. Go ahead, no one is listening. Suddenly, you feel like you’ve been Lied to all along.

And you begin wondering which way is up in all of this? Should you start thinking that maybe something is Up or just join the Naysayers? The Choice is yours.

Artic Meltdowns will really be taking Off Right Now. Can’t be Hotter than usual and the Heat not reach the North and South Poles too? But the use of certain Bariatric Weapons being repeatedly used against the poor Ukrainians in Ukraine were always suspected, by their Scientists, of causing immense, irreversible Harm to our Climates. And Hey, maybe they have. Who’s to Say? Are these Hot Temps the Proof?

But the Temperatures are anything but Normal most will Agree. People will challenge the obvious in a Search for Internet Acceptances. They will. They do every second of the day, every day.

I’ve never heard of 116 before here in my hometown. But here it is. And is this Normal? Not by a landslide it isn’t. But there’s no one to turn too because none of the Scientists have enough Data to Put out what they’ve found. And would they?

A fluke or the New Norm only to get much worse?

There simply isn’t any Hope until at least 75% of the world’s population dies off or starves to Death. Then it might be very Real. Or not.

Who KNOWS? I don’t but things sure seem to be heading to a Head. And the mere Fact that over 20 million Tons of Grain intended for the Middle East and Africa is sitting in Ukraine and there it will Stay until Millions get up and takes up Arms to Help the Ukrainians. Is watching your Families starve to Death the greater Deed? Or fighting for your Grain? With Grain, you have Life. Your Families Live. Without Grain, you have Death. Your Families Starve to Death.