The future of Ukraine isn’t Pretty for Russia

A picture tells a thousand Tales. These young men are being caught in the Vacuum of War. And they now have a Lifetime Enemy-Russia!

Maksym and Andrii, 11 years old boys, play with plastic guns at a self-made checkpoint on the highway in Kharkiv region, Ukraine, Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Ukraine will become a Terrorist State for Generations to come attacking Russia whenever and wherever possible. Assassination Teams? Blow Stuff Up Teams? Attack all things Russian Teams?

I hate to think what sorts of spillover will take place against Russia by those now just kids. And parents and spouses of Those Killed seeking retribution for all Times. Revenge Killings. Revenge for Accusations of NEO-NAZIism. No telling what will be coming in the future. But it will come. And it will be Bloody? I don’t know. I’m only guessing. But I’d be super Angry for what has taken place. Wouldn’t YOU?