The 2024 Presidential Election will be the Most Juiced-Up Examination of Election Integrity in American History!

Americans of Voting Age, both young and old, will be watching the 2024 Election like never before. Americans will be sitting on pins and needles watching for the least Reported Case of Election Fraud or Election kajumptions like never before. And the Militias will be waiting for Marching Orders. Tight Lipped won’t be a part of this Election. Mournful and Tense Eye Watching will be glazing from the eyeballs of Americans watching each other in Voting Lines. It’s going to get very surreal. And dangerous?

And there will be the Most Amount of Voting Line Fights in American History. Planned or Created out of four Years of ANXIETY from the 2020 Election to the 2024 Election. Built-Up Anger. For four years, gasoline for the Elections will be gathering in the Minds of many Americans. Planned Corruptions are being done Right now.

Americans will be expecting some form of Upheaval against 🇺🇸 Democracy while she is laid out on a Silver Platter. It is Coming. Many Americans are buying and Stockpiling Guns and Ammo. Why? Most Americans believe Armed Insurrection will reach far beyond the US Capitol and into their own Neighborhoods in 2024 or early 2025. They now Fear this. And Their Own Fears will be Magnified right up and into the ELECTION. Used against them to inflame the Rage. And worse? Gunplay by Militias? Marches by Militias? Threats upon Voters will be coordinated. And fights just to get certain Polling Places Shutdown are going to take place. Lots and lots of Coordinated efforts will be Unleashed upon an Unsuspecting Population. But, all in all, everyone knows something is Coming.

Americans feel it. Yes, they now feel it because the 🇺🇸 Voting Apparatus has now been equated to that of a 3rd World Country. Blood Baths? Will there be Blood Baths? Fists Fights? Sure. They will be Coming.

Right now, I have a hard time believing that certain individuals will Shutdown Counting Votes, discard Certain Votes, and States will reverse the Vote of their Own Voters. Yet, there is a blistering number of Articles out there that say this has been prepared and will take place. Already put in place. And if any of this does happen, does everyone think for a minute that there will be a smooth transition of Power?

No, it won’t be. Riots will erupt in the Streets. Guns will be blazing in the Streets. It could be a very dangerous period in American History. one of the worse.

People could go as far as Killing People claiming the same ridiculous justification as Putin in Ukraine as Killing someone for being a Neo-Nazi. What? And how Violent will it get?

That depends on How Much the Governors allow it to be. Too much and people could do Public Hangings. A lot of Hangings.

I honestly don’t think Americans are aware of just how dark it could turn. Every day the Election Winner is Not Declared will be a day that only will add a great amount of unwanted Tensions in America Homes. And in some cases, that Tension could reach the Streets of America by both Political Parties. Forget the Boat Parades on the Lakes. Forget the Golf Cart Rallies. Forget the Long Line of Lines of Cars on Highways. The blocked Highways.

This 2024 Election will have all of the needed ingredients for a Super PowderKeg in most Big Cities in America. And a lot of WANNA SEE STUFF HAPPEN CRAP STARTERS will be running around like loose cannons looking for Crap to Start. Causing Crap to Happen. And its being Planned as I write. Idiots are out there Planning now. For Crap to Happen. But did you know some Countries were Put on ALERT on January 6 because they believed America had fallen. Was falling because of the Violence that too place. Democracy had Died in America. They believed it had.

A Dangerous Time of Unrest will be coming in 2024 and early 2025. But it doesn’t have to be. People can decide not to do Stupid stuff then by talking about it now. Families know who their Problem Kids are, who their Trouble Makers are and they must keep their family members in Check. Keep them in Check.

Good Luck with that. Most families that have family members with mental deficiencies unable how to rationalize things, those families don’t want them either. They’d rather you have to deal with their problem members than they deal with them. You gonna deal instead of them dealing with them. Get Ready!

All the Kooks are going to be Unleashed in 2024. Election of the What? while the Kooks Run free? That’s what they’ll say.

It’ll be like all Mental Hospitals released all of their Patients and many of them with Guns?

And they’ll use Lies to build up losers as Great People. Scum that gleams. No way! Just wait and see. Gonna be one humdinger of a Year and Start of the Next Year.

2024 and early 2025 gonna be A Bang-Up Time. Hopefully, you can keep yourself and your family Safe and out of Harms Way.