One to Three Million Ukrainian Women Warriors need to Start Basic Training RIGHT NOW!

From what I’m seeing and from my own days of US Army Service Overseas, the women of Ukraine need to prepare to join the fight to SAVE UKRAINE and fight against the Russian Army. They must begin Training in Basic Training Camps in Ukraine and in the Camps of Foreign Countries.

I know. I’ve seen what Women can do. And this is what I learned. Women are just as tough as Men when it comes to making Sacrifices and putting in the Hard Work. Anyone who doesn’t believe has never seen what Women can do. Trust me, I have. They are AWESOME!

Women all over the World who have been mistreated. Been Mistreated by Russia need to join. The Fight also. Together, all of you could be a Tremendous Warrior Force that Can Beat the Russian Army.


THEN Train on all Weapons Ukraine have in Country or is going to be brought into Ukraine to fight the Russians. You cannot Delay. Months of Training needs to Start ASAP.

The Ukrainian Soldiers are going to need Breaks as well. And all of you can bring that much needed Relief. And more Women will Join YOU! I believe in the Power of Women.

Believe in Yourself and Saving Your Country and The World will Join You. The World will take up your Banner as well. But you must believe in yourselves. Don’t be Afraid. Songs will be sung about you for a thousand years.

Do this Women!

If you wait, you will watch Russia methodically take your Lands away from you. All that you Love and Care about will have been Stolen. Then, you will face a Cruel World controlled by one Very Short man. And he will put all of you to work in rebuilding to look like poor Russian Villages.

Russia plans to take all of Ukraine because he thinks all of you are so small. Like rodents. He wants to squash your guts out. And he will if you don’t start building Women Warrior Divisions ready to fight Putin. You have this ONE CHANCE to change the Course of the War and BEAT RUSSIA.