My Homemade Sliced Jalapeno Recipe for Presents for your Friends, Family, and Self-Indulgence.

This is NOT MT. OLIVE RECIPE. I just used the Empty Jars.

My Jalapeno Recipe I USE-

Buy 1 gallon of White Vinegar. 3-lbs Jalapenos. Have several Empty Jars ready to use.
Set Jalapenos on Table or wherever you will see them. Leave them there until some start turning RED.

Some may turn rottenish and will need to be thrown away. Then slice then to desired slice size. You can cut them long ways too. Cut stems off each pepper and throw away. I don’t worry about the seeds at all.
Pour the sliced peppers into your jars. Push them down too. Then Add 1 1/2 Tablespoon of Dried Onions in each Jar. Then 2 Tablespoons of White Sugar. Then pour your Vinegar to the Top of Jar. Put Lid on and Close Tight. Hand Tight.
Now, wait for two weeks before you begin eating or using your Bottled Jalapenos. Keep Jar in refrigerator once Opened.
I use the same Recipe Ingredients as on the MT. OLIVE Jar as on Jar but I don’t use Benzoate Preservative for long Storage like years. And I ADD sugar. I believe it cuts the Hot a little bit.
Vinegar will turn your Jalapenos to a good ready to eat Color.
Then eat and enjoy.
The more Red Jalapenos will Add more Color. And your Jars will make Great Presents for friends and family.
I’ve been doing this for lots of years.
Try it.

No Risk, No Gain. But I like these better because the Taste is Great and better tasting than what I can Buy.

No, I’m not a Germ Freak either so I cannot say that your Bottled Jalapenos will ever go bad after months. I’m not a Food Inspector. But it hasn’t ever made me sick doing This and eating my Jalapenos in the Jars.

I like them alot in hamburgers and such.