Who’s really afraid of the Russian Bear or the Chinese Dragon?

Putin says whatever to Scare the Scareable Person. It makes him look really Bad Assed to his fellow Russians and more like a Moron to the rest of the World. Who are used to his Stupidity.. But make no mistake, he is a Killer dressed up like a Cobra. If you are still listening to his poison piss, you need a Head Check. He’s a Mouth with a Worm in it. Sing LA LA LA LA LA LA anytime he shows up on your TV and don’t listen or read anything Putin. Putin is one Sorry SOB. And he has the Three Stooges working for him.

Xi has been pretty cool about things. But the Great Big Dragon wants to Wipe out the Neo Nazi in Taiwan. And they using more Moron Words to prove they have never Changed and are just as stupid as THEY were at the End of WW-II. And Just like they were in 1959. China is begging for a Nuke or two or twenty up it’s Asshole. Sing the same LA LA LA LA song anytime they come on TV

IRAN is a Stupid Troll claiming Religious Powers with no toilet paper and they are just as retarded as they were in 1949. You can wipe your ASS just so many times with no Toilet Paper using your hand and you smell like Shit all Day and Night. Giving Putin Drones is another way of Sucking Putin’s Dick. And he likes that showing of Cowardness. And I don’t think the Koran approves sucking Dick like that.

Taliban has twisted the Koran so Badly that they will never see Heaven. The very fires of Hell will one day devour all of Iran and Afghanistan and anyone living there. It’s coming. Just wait.

Get your Putin Teddy Bears!