Over One Million Americans have Died of Covid-19. Is it still a Big Deal? You Decide…

Covid-19 in the United States

CharacteristicTotal number
Total cases88,932,987
Cases in last 7 days868,337
Total deaths1,018,035

I don’t know about you, but looks like we are a far cry away from being done with Covid-19. It’s now built itself back up and into new variants ready to wage War against the World’s Human Population AGAIN!

It’s like we are in the Trenches of WW-I. It’s Mankind vs IT! The World vs IT! And IT is Covid-19.


Coronavirus Cases:


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Most States aren’t even Reporting their Covid-19 Cases any longer. That Above Chart was yesterday.

What is all 8f8f this suggesting? Are we headed towards a Tsunami Wave of Covid-19 Cases? Sure seems that Americans have just Blown it off. Like it no longer is a Big Deal. Well, is it?