Is the Golden Rule of Uvalde County their ‘ Look Away’ Cops?

On 25 April 1981, my father was the Area Conservationist for Uvalde, Texas. And on That day, He was Killed when the truck he was driving crashed into Farm Equipment on the side of the Road.

Mike Brown

My Dad showed me an ugly secret about Uvalde. And it’s the biggest reason for the Big Delay of Action at the Robb Elementary by Law Enforcement on that sad day when 19 kids and two Adults were Gunned Down in a Classroom like fish in a Barrel.

FREAKING OUT LIKE NEVER BEFORE! THEY WERE GUNNED DOWN! And just imagine what your own child would have experienced if they too were in that Classroom. They were Freaking OUT IN SHOCK. IN HORROR! Like nothing before. Seeing Death!

But why, yes why was nothing done for so long? And having lived in Uvalde, I will tell you the very worse thing of all of it. You see things there that you don’t see anywhere else in 🇺🇸

You’ve already heard enough that you are pretty angry by now, aren’t you? But what Happened? It’s quite simple. And here is the reason that so many are mystified trying to locate as to why These Men basically Stood Down in the Hallways or Outside while doing what seemed like nothing at all. Why?

These Law Enforcement Officers in that Area Are used to ‘Looking Away’!

USED TO LOOKING IN THE OTHER DIRECTION While CRIME or some Oddity IS Taking Place WHEN IT INVOLVES MEXICANS or Illegal Immigrants! For the most part, they won’t give you any trouble at all. They work hard and Get Paid Poorly. Crime committed against the Migrant Workers isn’t anything New.

The LAW out there knows who is Hiring and Where Illegal Immigrants are throughout Uvalde County. Yes. They do. They absolutely know. They do. It’s been taking place for Generations. Maybe a 100 years or more. It isn’t nothing new.

And how do I know this? I lived there. I saw it. My father gave me several very Educational Tours of the Big Farms there and I once saw over 100 workers from Mexico picking Onions for your dinner tables. For your Tacos. Your Hamburgers. Your onion Rings.

And right in the middle of that same field was a Uvalde County Sheriff Car. And he wasn’t there to Arrest anyone. Nope! He was there to HELP the Farmer or Rancher. Once that field had been picked, He would coordinate the travel where they’d go next. Get to the next Job or field without a lot of Issues of any kind. Where these poorly PAID men and women and kids would go next. Yes. They would. Make sure it got done with no problems.

And anyone who says that they are all Carrying Legal “WORK HERE in 🇺🇸 CARDS”. I will say BULLSHIT! I CALL BULLSHIT!

But your Ideas of these Illegal Immigrants has been elevated to all of them as their being Criminals and OMG! Wicked Gypsies. PEOPLE to be wholly scared of. And how many times have you encountered one of them? Tell the truth. Not a read Internet Tale.

Few have. They stay hidden living in a shadowy World of Criminal Warlords. But the ones hiring them know exactly where they are and who can do what kind of work. Most end up on farms or Ranches or on Cement Crews doing Building Foundations. Home foundations. Or washing your Dishes at a restaurant. But they are everywhere all over 🇺🇸. Yes, they are. They might be taking your Order this evening or at Lunch or at Breakfast.

And in 1980, my sister and I went swimming in a River just South of Uvalde. It’s a few miles out of town. Crystal Clear water. And NO TRESPASSING SIGNS were everywhere on the fences. And I pulled my truck over. I didn’t Care. I wanted to swim. So, We got out. Climbed over the Barbed Wire fence. And we walked up several hundred yards upstream to a 90 degree Bend in the River that went Left. At that spot, the water was deep enough to swim. And so, we 🏊. Yep, we swam. And In about an hour, I looked left toward the upstream area about 200 yards where a Dark Skinned man with a Lever Action Rifle walked out of the Brush and kneeled on one knee.

NYTimes: Smuggling Migrants at the Border Now a Billion-Dollar Business
Smuggling Migrants at the Border Now a Billion-Dollar Business

I could tell he was studying me and I was studying him. Then I waved and he waved back.

And then, he waved for something in the Brush to come on out. And then a person appeared. And then another. And another until a lot came out of the Brush. And the line of people were headed in our DIRECTION. About 30 in all.

I told my sister that we needed to move downstream but not to panic. And we went downstream about a hundred yards and I turned and watched.

The long line walked right up to a 20′ Cliff. And then, one by one, the long line of people of men women and children climbed up a rope ladder. And when the man with the Rifle got to the Top. He stood up and looked at me and Waved Goodbye to my sister and I. And I waved back. Then, he was gone. From time to time, I wondered How much the man with the Rifle was paid and how much these workers had paid to be brought to the Work Fields.

Later, I told my father about IT. And he told me that Out Here, when you see a Sign on a Fence, Don’t Cross Over it. Keep Out! Stay Out! And his eyes told me that I didn’t want to know more. That ended it for me. This Subject was then closed. CLOSED.

But when you see all the Illegals on the Ranches, and Local Law Enforcement there too, you knew that the connection was a Solid Bond. Making Money on the side? I couldn’t say. I don’t know and I won’t speculate. Ranchers and Farmers controlled what was done in Uvalde County.

But the Golden Rule of Uvalde County is to ‘LOOK AWAY’! And at Robb Elementary, they got caught LOOKING AWAY. Big Time!

Remember the Three Monkeys? Hands covering ones ears on one monkey. Ones hands covered the mouth on another monkey. Ones eyes were covered with his hands on the third. It means-I See, I hear, I speak No Evil.

Means-Keep your mouth Shut!

And you can guess all you want as to why no one did a thing for so long at Robb Elementary. I saw the film and someone looked SCARED, Didn’t HE? But I know the Simple Truth is hard to wrap your mind around. But it’s true. And you’ve never lived there. From my days as a Texas Prison Guard until I Retired, I know Chian of Command broke down miserably. And the Rule of going to the Rounds being Fired was NOT FOLLOWED. They Stopped and Waited for What? While Shots were Fired, you stood Down? But I believe Arredondo was too used to Looking Away to do the Right Thing and Engage with the Shooter No Matter What The Firepower he had on him and others had too. He could have Led And been a Leader. And truth will never be told. But I told you what I saw living in Uvalde, Texas. And I know it played a part in it. How much? Who knows? But everyone who could have and stood down needs what to Happen to Them? Criminal Charges? Civil Charges? You tell me. I don’t know. It’s such a Sad EVENT.