U DEMAND I C U, but U never C Me…

Stuck in Self-Indulgence Mode? Everyday is a constant Battle to C how many LIKES U got 4 that Day. R N the Last 40 Minutes?

And when U repeat this daily Activity day end and Day Out, U become Addicted to Your Own Vanity Creation. And your Journey will be Not B Alone but copied by Millions of Others all over the World. U follow Me & I’ll Follow U.

But what Happens when Your LIKES take off and U are in a Happy Place. U R So Happy! But then, someone else starts POSTING things that Your Followers LIKE more. And your LIKES start dropping slowly until they Really Fall Off to Maybe one or 2 a day. And U R Sad. Very Sad.

The Many Things your Elders Learned, U tossed to the side. U FORTNITE till U drop asleep. And the game or another consumes your Life. But is that living?

No, it’s just a routine or a rut U got yourself into. And U don’t even have Poor Man Music to claim as your own. But what do U do?

U get off your Butt and U Live! Life is meant to be Lived. Not Watched on TV. But by Doing.

Sleeping at the River and seeing the Lightning Bugs Come Out to play. Smells that only exists at the River. Not on your Screen. Seeing Clear Water in a River and you are in it and U look down and C your Feet just as clearly as in a bathtub. And the fish swimming around.

The Calls of different animals. U will miss. U will never hear. TV doesn’t compare. U can’t get what U and Your Heart needs from TV. U must get up and Live it for yourself.

U say U can’t fish. Spend some Bucks and Hire a Fishing Guide and make some Memories.

U cannot wait until Death grabs U. U cannot say I am Afraid. Get beyond That. U have 2. U can do this. Go to a Graveyard and Ask the Dead. U ask long enough and they will Answer. TV will tell U to be Afraid. 2 not go out. But U must.

Register for a Dude Ranch Experience. Go out in the Range.

U can write a Poem. A Song. But get out there and Find a Real Story 2 Write about. U can do this.

2. 2. 2. Many are just sitting at Home TEXTING Things they Hate. People they Hate. If their TEXT MATE MONKIES don’t like Something or Someone, U pitch in as if there was a Secret Guild that required U 2 do this. But that ain’t U. Not really.

Were U raised that way? Wanna keep living that way waiting for the mushroom fertilizer to B poured on U? Get Off the Couch. WORK OUT!

Go cook some Dogs in a Park. Do something Outside.

Get outside at night and see the Stars.

And Live.

Life. Enjoy it!