This Terrible Man is who Putin reminds me most of more than ever…

After you watch this Video, I’ll share with you something else besides Historical Information.

After the war, Keitel faced the International Military Tribunal (IMT), which indicted him on all four counts before it: conspiracy to commit crimes against peace, planning, initiating and waging wars of aggressionwar crimes and crimes against humanity. Most of the case against him was based on his signature being present on dozens of orders that called for soldiers and political prisoners to be killed or ‘disappeared‘.[45] In court, Keitel admitted that he knew many of Hitler’s orders were illegal.[46] His defence relied almost entirely on the argument he was merely following orders in conformity to “the leader principle” (Führerprinzip) and his personal oath of loyalty to Hitler.[21]

The IMT rejected this defence and convicted him on all charges. Although the tribunal’s charter allowed “superior orders” to be considered a mitigating factor, it found Keitel’s crimes were so egregious that “there is nothing in mitigation”. In its judgment against him, the IMT wrote, “Superior orders, even to a soldier, cannot be considered in mitigation where crimes as shocking and extensive have been committed consciously, ruthlessly and without military excuse or justification.” It was also pointed out that while he claimed the Commando Order, which ordered Allied commandos to be shot without trial, was illegal,[dubious – discuss] he had reaffirmed it and extended its application. It also noted several instances where he issued illegal orders on his own authority.[45]

In his statement before the Tribunal, Keitel said: “As these atrocities developed, one from the other, step by step, and without any foreknowledge of the consequences, destiny took its tragic course, with its fateful consequences.”[47] To underscore the criminal rather than military nature of Keitel’s acts, the Allies denied his request to be shot by firing squad. Instead, he was executed at Nuremberg Prison by hanging.[48]

Keitel’s body after execution; note the injuries caused from hitting his head on the trap door.

The day of the execution Keitel told prison chaplain Henry F. Gerecke “You have helped me more than you know. May Christ, my saviour, stand by me all the way. I shall need him so much.” He then received Communion and was executed later that day.[49][50] Keitel was executed by American Army sergeant John C. Woods.[51] His last words were: “I call on God Almighty to have mercy on the German people. More than two million German soldiers went to their death for the fatherland before me. I follow now my sons – all for Germany.”[52] The trap door was small, causing head injuries to Keitel and several other condemned men as they dropped.[53] Many of the executed Nazis fell from the gallows with insufficient force to snap their necks, resulting in convulsions that in Keitel’s case lasted 24 minutes.[51] The corpses of Keitel and the other nine executed men were, like Hermann Göring‘s, cremated at Ostfriedhof (Munich) and the ashes were scattered in the river Isar.[46]