Texas And 🇺🇸 must Revisit Nuclear Electric Power Generation in a Big Way…

I worked the Texas Oilfield for Six Years and I saw all of it. I Tested the Best Oil and Gas Wells Texas had to Offer. Wells that brought Instant Millionaire Checks to many Farmers and Ranchers. I saw Great Places. Enviable Places of magnificent Beauty. Ranches and Farms that a person could only dream about to see in a Movie. I was on them. And now, I want all of 🇺🇸 and Texas to begin, immediately, reevaluating How we logically INVEST in the futures of our children and Grandchildren with Electricity that’s made in such a way that it’s manufacturing isn’t spitting out one form of Pollution or another. Trading Horses for Sheep. Trading Cattle for Goats. But what are we Trading for Electricity? It’s our Health. It is. Forget about Climate Change. Forget about arguing Oil Big Interests. And let’s get down to the Brass Tacks.



This is a an Immediate NEED, WE MUST, to counter the unbelievable influence World Oil Prices and Production controls and often times Cripples Industry. World Oil Production and the Price of Oil per Barrel is Our Achilles Heel. It is.

Petty Games with Russia fixing Prices and Production has got to come to am END. And Russian Wars? We cannot any longer be Daft Pricks.

For ones too young to remember the long lines at Gas (Filling Stations) Stations just to get 10 Gallons is not something you Forget. But many have. And I want to fix that NOW for Future Generations! If you want to see Only Steam going into Our Atmosphere instead of things I could mention because I worked for 15 Years at a Lignite Power Plant. And I’m telling you, you really don’t want to know. But it’s Bad Stuff. Just like Oil Refineries pump out Bad Stuff too. But honestly-

We have to REINVEST in Nuclear Power. In the Power Plant sense of these words. We must and near good supplies of Water like near the LA Border with Texas. We must. We got to.

Too many are in love of burning fossil fuels. But it’s not the Love of the fuel that is being burned and sending fumes of bad stuff, it’s For the Love of Money that people keeps 🇺🇸 Stuck in the PAST. The Money Pyramid Past where we get the Bottom Rung. Not the Top.

Oil Men will ram Oil Issues down your Throat! And I fully understand that. But GEE, ramming it down anyone’s throats for the Shareholders as well leaves me with a sour stomach. So many demanding an Increase in their Portfolio. Money. Money. Money. And are we to really take No Regard to The Suddening Climate Changes of Hotter Temperature and Less Rainfall? These are so obvious that even a Turnip feels the Heat. And so do our Horses, Cows. And Pets. And the future will tell the folly of our ways. I do believe this But we won’t live to see it. But the ones we we Love will. But we mustn’t take a Defeatists Attitude. No, we must all spring anew with energy in our feet and get back to the Nuclear Power Plants Discussions Table.

With Today’s Vast Knowledgeable Informations, we can Build Better and Far Safer than ever before. And we must not escape the Present Chances we Have.

Right now, we shouldn’t have to have Our President visiting Saudi Arabia to ASK for increases in Oil Output to offset our No Longer buying Russian Oil and the Defeatists Price of a Barrel of Oil. But we can flip the Page and move into a More Independent Path. Take and Make our Own Path. Independent of World Oil. I’m not talking about curtailing the Oil Production here in 🇺🇸. We need Oil and we will for another 50 years or more before the Oil might begin trending downward. But we have a Common Enemy that we must Beat and that is Oil’s Unpredictability.

We will need More and More Electricity because more and more people are now in America.

But Building just One Nuclear power Plant takes a tremendous Marathon of Hoops and Hurdles to get thru all the RED TAPE! They aren’t Cheap.

But the Time to start back down this Road again is Now! And it can no longer take a Back Seat to what needs to be done.

This year, the Westinghouse AP1000, a 1,000 MW nuclear power plant, costs $7 billion, operating at a capacity factor of 90% for the 8,766 hours each year over its 60-year life, and will produce 473 billion kWhrs, more or less.Jul 8, 2012

The Current Landscape-
America has lost its competitive global position as the world leader in nuclear energy. The
U.S. has ceded its leadership position to countries with state-owned-enterprises, including
Russia and China, and additional nations from the developing world are accelerating to fill
the void. After decades of neglect, the entire U.S. commercial nuclear sector, from mining
through power generation, is at high-risk of insolvency. America is on the brink of losing
its ability to produce US-origin nuclear fuel, threatening our national interest and national
This reality threatens American energy security, narrows or eliminates foreign policy
options and erodes American international influence to set strong non-proliferation, safety,
and security standards. America’s broad strategy of energy dominance has a gaping
vulnerability. Russia – a nation that has “weaponized” its energy supply as an instrument
of coercion – dominates nuclear markets. Russia is advancing its economic and foreign
policy influence around the world with $133 billion in foreign orders for reactors, with plans
to underwrite the construction of more than 50 reactors in 19 countries. China, a strategic
competitor that uses predatory economics as a tool of statecraft, is currently constructing
four reactors abroad, with prospects for 16 more reactors across multiple countries, in
addition to the 45 reactors built in China over the past 33 years, and the 12 reactors
currently under construction in China.
Meanwhile, the United States is entirely absent from global new build nuclear reactor
market with no foreign orders. The United States is missing out on a nuclear reactor market
that the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) estimates is valued at $500-740 billion over
the next 10 years. U.S. industry faces competition
from other nation states by state-owned enterprises
that are directed by their respective national
strategic economic and foreign policy goals.
We should not pretend the U.S. nuclear reactor
industry operates in a truly free global market – left
exclusively to its own efforts to survive. American
companies do not only face competition from other
international companies – they face competition
from State actors.

Strategy Development
In his July 12, 2019 Presidential Memorandum on the Effect of Uranium Imports on the
National Security and Establishment of the United States Nuclear Fuel Working Group, the
President established a Working Group to undertake “a fuller analysis of national security
considerations with respect to the entire nuclear fuel supply chain,” and report back to the
President. At the President’s direction, the Assistant to the President for National Security
Affairs and the Assistant to the President for Economic Policy co-led the Working Group
policy coordination process to develop recommendations for reviving and expanding
nuclear fuel production.
The Working Group’s efforts built upon ongoing work by the National Economic Council,
the National Security Council, the Office of Science and Technology Policy, and other
federal agencies to complete a full review of U.S. nuclear energy policy that the President
directed in June 2017, to “revive and expand the nuclear energy sector.” This strategy
from the Working Group includes results from both of these efforts.
The clear outcome of the Working
Group’s efforts is confirmation that
it is in the nation’s national security
interests to preserve the assets and
investments of the entire U.S. nuclear
enterprise and to revitalize the
sector to regain U.S. global nuclear
leadership. We can accomplish this by
addressing domestic and international
security interests, expanding nuclear
generation, minimizing commercial
fleet fiscal vulnerabilities, assuring
defense needs for uranium, and
leveling the playing field against state-
owned enterprises.
The Working Group strategy has considered policy options to create new commercial
demand while recognizing that the U.S. national security interest is truly integrated with the
health of the entire front-end of the nuclear fuel cycle – the United States needs a strong
civil nuclear industry to enable national defense.

So, talk it up. We must Energize our Bunny Battery inside all of us and get Busy. 🇺🇸 can find a Safe and Sure Road for the Future. One that includes Oil/Gas and Nuclear Power Plants.