What if Putin was not allowed to return to Russia and is handed over to ‘The Hague’?

Turkey is somewhat a square peg in a round hole, NATO is a mutual defense alliance not necessarily a political alliance. NATO Members,are not Politically Aligned. Strangely, I think Israel is a prime example of this too while being joined at the hip with Russia

Turkey’s strategic location really helps NATO. But Turkey is not your Country. Turkey has different views, and a largely Muslim population of several sects. Hungary, CZ, Poland and several of the former Baltic states also are more likely to resist EU left wing political controls over their country, and Turkey fits that position in all Capital Letters.

Turkey seems to be trying to play both sides against the middle. Not completely understanding their real Role. With an Upcoming Erdogan Visit to Iran next week to Meet With Putin and Iranian Officials, the Big Question is What is in it for Erdogan?

Turkey seems to want protection from Russia but not wanting to be completely isolated from Russian political ties? Russian military equipment deals come with nice kick backs and that is why Erdogan likes them? Dictators do.

EUs economic alliance is also split on politics with the left increasingly trying to put pressure on any government that is not pro socialist, and pro left wing politics, which includes all the former Soviet states.

But there is No Doubt that Putin is going to Iran to broker a DRONE DEAL with lots and lots of Rubles as payment. Or Oil or Ukrainians Grain. But where does Erdogan fit into all of this?

I don’t see Putin Snagging on a Prayer Rug like he was a Islamic bug in a Rug. I don’t think his Church in Moscow would be good with that.

What kind of Weapons Deal is Erdogan hoping for? Will He be Selling too? He has our F-16 fighters that needs a $400 Million dollar Upgrade. And he bought Russia’s Missile Defense System over other Competitors. But in 2019, he was refused F-35 fighters. And that has to be a stickler. A sticky point in strange relationship this day and time.

Today, there are some very strange Bed partners on the World Stage. And next week’s Iran Visit is viscerally Strange. Utterly disgusting with further War Crimes Implications. Could come back to bite Iran in the Booty. And in June, the Saudi Crown Prince did WHAT? You don’t know or saw that?

But, America must never grow impatient and Sell to anyone on a Spur of the Moment. Erdogan sells their Top Drone to Ukraine for around $6 Million each. And he knows that they Kill Russians. And it’s hard to believe all the YouTube Videos about how many targets the Turkey Drones have taken out. It looks exactly like a Turkey Shoot. But I don’t think they are REAL. Might be to uplift UKRAINE.

But will Putin shake Hands with Erdogan and say-STOP SELLING YOUR DRONES TO UKRAINE or I’ll toss Your Balls into the Mediterranean Sea? Or we’ll just Behead you here in Iran.

But I still cannot get my mind wrapped around as to why Turkey is there too?

Russia and Iran HATE the West. And they are gonna be cooking up some sick stuff. With lots of You wanna buy? We wanna Sell. We’ll help you Kill Ukrainians too. And exactly how big of a footprint is Iran willing to make on or in Ukraine?

But will these Cargo Containers of IRANIAN DRONES get STOPPED? Ships sunk? Noses Not Smelly Enough and Cargo sent elsewhere? Where are the other Players in all of this? Where’s those Secret Agents when you need a real 007? Ones Ballsy Enough smoking Camel Dung who’ll stop the flow of Iran Drones before they Happen. Ships do sink. Will 007 sink some Ships?

What if Putin was not allowed to return to Russia and is handed over to ‘The Hague‘?

The Hague is a city on the North Sea coast of the western Netherlands. Its Gothic-style Binnenhof (or Inner Court) complex is the seat of the Dutch parliament, and 16th-century Noordeinde Palace is the king’s workplace. The city is also home to the U.N.’s International Court of Justice, headquartered ― Google… 

Works for me. How about you?