why can you buy and own 40-Round Magazines Today and I only got 20-Round Magazines for my M-16 when I was in the US Military?

Please explain why you can buy and own twice the Capacity of Rounds in your Magazines for your Assault Rifle. Today and the US Army thought 20-Round Magazines were enough for me back in the day?

What’s Changed? Are they gonna Have a Human Hunting SEASON? A Real Purge SEASON?

Let’s see and this is ONLY Make Believe. Not Real at all!

Okay, the Powers Be decide and Open a Human Hunting SEASON. Let’s Guess how they’d do it.

  1. Cost? $1000 One Day License. Veterans and Over 65 pay only $500
  2. Bag Limit?
  3. Ten Point Limit.

Blacks are Three Points.

Whites are Six Points.

All others are Two Points.

All Children are 1/2 Points.

Women are 1 Point.

American Indians are Off Limits unless you get a Senate Approval Stamp costing $1000. They are Ten Points per person.

And are you seeing where all of this is going? Are we going to approve Shooting People? Looks like we already Have…

Mass Shooters are all on Board with it and doing it weekly. But are YOU? You Okay with this Crap?

I’m not! I don’t want anyone shooting anyone.

If you’re or we’re not willing to Address the mere Number of Rounds these Magazines hold, then we are condemned to DOOM. OUR OWN DOOM. We are setting up ourselves for failure. We already have…but we must Fix This-

They must be Set at 5-Rounds on all Magazines for all Assault Weapons just like a Bolt Action Rifle for Hunting Animals has and stop making them for Hunting PEOPLE! 40-Round Magazines are for Hunting PEOPLE. 20-Round are too! They are for Shooting or Killing lots of People as quickly as possible. In a War!!! Any other Take is BULLSHIT.

We must reset the Game Clock! Way back and keep it there! Get the mindset reset to being Normal and Not Being Kill’em All and Let God Sort it all Mentality. We got to fix this now or we will be Lost FOREVER.