A woman at the moment of conception must be Allowed to Receive all Benefits as if the Child were already BORN. The Unborn Child has just as many Rights as She Does!

Roe vs Wade is Dead basically. A Decision that sets women backwards a hundred Years. It was or used to be determined to be her Right as she is Now the one going to have to take care of the Baby. Whether she wanted the Baby or not. She’s stuck with the Baby now.

And so, doesn’t this Unborn Child that has all the Rights of a Living Person, then that Mother needs and must be Allowed to Receive every Amount of Help she and Her Child Deserves. An Instant $250,000 Compensation Payment must be given to every woman who has conceived a Child while the Child is in her womb.

It’s Only Fair! By God, it is. It is only Fair! It is an item that must be Allowed and Each State must Pay Her Her Due Monies.