Russia’s Ukrainian War has now caused the World’s Largest BANNING of Food Exports = Starvation!

FOOD EXPORTS BANNED? Yep, sure is. And as more and more Countries are now fearing Food Shortages which will cause Starvation in their Own Countries, they are now banning the Exporting of many Foods, Grains, Oils, Fruits, Vegetables, and other food goods. A very dangerous period in World History is just now on the Horizon. A Perilous Picture. One of many, many Deaths due to Starvation.

Who gets to decide who lives and who dies? Putin does for Millions of us reading this…Billions of Pets and other animals will Die too. Birds too…that depend on you feeding them. What or Who will you Pick to let starve to death first and last? Your dogs? Your Cats?


CountryType of food productBan end date
ArgentinaSoybean oil, soybean meal,Dec 31, 2023
AlgeriaPasta, wheat derivatives, vegetable oil, sugarDec 31, 2022
EgyptVegetable oil, maizeJune 12, 2022
Wheat, flour, oils, lentils, pasta, beansJune 10, 2022
IndiaWheatDec 31, 2022
IndonesiaPalm oil, palm kernel oilDec 31, 2022
IranPotatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, onionDec 31, 2022
KazakhstanWheat, wheat flourJune 15, 2022
KosovoWheat, corn, flour, vegetable oil, salt, sugar,Dec 31, 2022
TurkeyBeef, mutton, goat meat, butter, cooking oilsDec 31, 2022
UkraineWheat, oats, millet, sugarDec 31, 2022
RussiaSugar, sunflower seedsAug 31, 2022
Wheat, meslin, rye, barley, maizeJune 30, 2022
SerbiaWheat, corn, flour, oilDec 31, 2022
TunisiaFruits, vegetablesDec 31, 2022
KuwaitChicken meat products, grains, vegetable oilsDec 31, 2022

Will you be one of the millions who will find no Sugar, Millet, Maize, Wheat, cooking Oils, Fruits, Vegetables this year or the next 2023-Whenever Putin decides to End his Land Grab Operations. Will you be unable to sleep because the Hungry Cries from your belly will prevent sleep? And what mal-nutrition diseases will be headed your Way? Or even a slow Death?

BANNED EXPORTS when the World has enough problems. Is Putin going to offer you Salvation? Offer your Country a Special You Give Him Everything Deal? And he’ll send you a ship of Ukrainian Grain? Ukrainian Sunflower Oil?