An Elder told me Today-We are a Country in Self-Destruction Mode

Are We? You tell me. Am I hurting? Man, my heart is bleeding. 12 Gun Shootings events a week and you can’t feel none of that? I can. I do.

And you may too. Doesn’t it hurt? Don’t you feel America’s Pain? And it starts in how we are being. America is crying. America is bleeding. Church Going is a damn good thing as long as The Evangelicals Preaches what God wants Preached and Not Man’s follies?

criminally or tragically foolish actions or conduct. b obsolete : evil, wickedness especially : lewd behavior. 3 : a foolish act or idea The prank was a youthful folly.

And things are going bad real quick. But we further there overnight. And don’t be fooled that a Totalitarian can come in with a Totalitarian Government and you’ll still keep your Freedoms. Won’t happen.

But teaching anger begets ANGER and Hate. And a whole lot of other non-wholesome things. And do does the internet and the Media in helping America Implode and so are the Politicians because they are set on Vanity Seeking Mode.

And getting FOLLOWERS for some are a Do or Die daily Activity. And that person playing Online with you in a Gun War Video Game may be the next Active Shooter? And it’s stupid to be that way. But many are…

And the Legislators New Gun Law hasn’t even slowed any of the Shootings. And won’t because it doesn’t or didn’t even go close to helping! They did nothing to Stop where illegal Guns can be bought! Where? Back alleyways and


And HUGE amounts of 30-RD 30-Rd 40-Rd 40-RD. 100-RD Magazines! Being SOLD to anyone! GOT MONEY? BUY ANYTHING! Or they’ll tell you where to go to get what you want.

And Cases of AMMO being SOLD to ANYONE!


And who Cares?

A Quick Check Gun Registration of every Gun at every Gun Show and then Registering of who buys every single Gun at a Gun Show will help America get the Stolen Guns back into the Owners Hands. But right now, too damn many are really making Millions! $$$$$$$$$

Don’t leave Home Without it…

When I went to school, they had us do Russian Bombing 🇺🇸 with Nukes Drills! Today, they have children doing Active Shooter Gonna Shoot Your Ass Drills.

Active Shooter Drills vs Nuclear Attack Drills? No, there’s no comparison. One is foreign and the other is Home Grown. And how do we Solve it?

I have no earthly idea. At times, I do wonder why God has allowed it to go this far? And I think of our Southern Friend, Mexico who most likely doesn’t understand How Insane America has gotten and we still can Call them our Friends while building an Elephant in the Room-Trump’s Anti-Mexican Border Wall. But they have their Cartel Problems to deal with.

EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) — Juarez closed 2021 with 1,420 homicides – a 14 percent decrease over an even more violent 2020.

Nine out of 10 killings were drug-related and more than a third of the victims were men and women between the ages of 18 and 29; most were killed execution-style, often with a bullet to the head or on the losing end of a barrage of bullets, according to an analysis released Monday by the Chihuahua Attorney General’s Office.

But looking to Mexico and the Civilizations that came and went there. Here in America we did an absolutely wonderful job of nearly annihilating the American Indians and did for many Tribes. Like it or not, 🇺🇸 Owns that Shit. Just like 🇺🇸 Owns their Slavery Guilt. But the World has a Good Ownership of Slavery as well. Slaves didn’t just get here and Nations chunked them out for money. Kicked them out for Money. But that was slavery and not what I want to talk about now. Too many are waving their Own Banner Themes and don’t give a damn about yours.

But like civilizations that are now Dead and buried a long time ago, modern man is so Damn Stupid to not take a moment of time to realize that their own DEMISE is always just a stone’s throw from happening. Of making them, all of us, completely vanished.

Imagine a Covid so Deadly that only a few hundred survive. In the entire World. And then what? Do you really want to think about it because a lot of Movies are all about the Subject. And so are thousands of Books. I remember watching The Last Man on Earth starring Vincent Price and it’s the first movie I remember of a real Apocalyptic World.

It made me think. It made a lot of us think. And Today, these Mass Shootings are adding up to what? Creating a Society afraid of itself? At least to go anywhere? To work at certain places? But sure. These shootings have taken a Toll. And there won’t be a Bill in Congress done to Address the Real Issues. And they are-

  1. High Capacity Magazines.
  2. Endless ability to buy Ammo.
  3. No Control of Gun Shows.

And forget about a 30 round Magazine. The new MUST BUY are 40 round Magazines like below and it’ll jump to 50 next!

Forget about that and go for the Big One!

100 Round Magazines! And you are going to do what with that? You’re not in the Military and you’re firing Full Metal Jacket Rounds with no regards of how far they will go or Kill people?

So, how can we fix what is apparently broken in America? You tell me. I’m all ears. What, no ideas? Take the Guns away from everyone? No, that’s not gonna happen.

Looks like 12 Shootings a week is only gonna get more. Think people will demand actions when it gets to 50 Mass Shootings a week? 100 a week? 200 a week? 400 a week? 1000 a week?

Who signs up as a Cop TODAY? It’s getting more and more difficult to find those willing To Serve.

But why aren’t People on Social Media sending a Hot Tip about someone talking about being the Next MASS Shooter? Warning your Friends won’t cut it. Gotta let The Law know.

And some Shooters have had their homes visited by Law Enforcement before going into full blown Mass Shooter Killer. And sure, most every One knows how to Lie or straighten-up and fly right when confronted by Law ENFORCEMENT. We all sit up and act super correct when we get pulled over by Law ENFORCEMENT. Don’t we? Don’t you? Of course, most of us do except drunken fools, those on Drugs, and those with real Mental Issues.

But at any moment, Imperialist Russia could begin a World War of Nuclear Warfare and most of the World would Die immediately or die a long agonizing Death. Fertility would be mostly Dead too.

So, sure, there’s a ton to worry about if you want to. But I Pray for the entire World and you and your Families every day. I also Pray for the War in Ukraine to End. I ask God to send His Love to you and your Families too. I do it because I want to. I do it without any pressure from Anyone.

God’s 🏢 and His Prayer Line is Open 24/7 every single day. Don’t be avoiding Him and Pray for Him to fix things. Just do it. You are a Brave person if you do.

Here’s a nice toy thing for your kid. Be kind to them. Hear them when they hurt too.