TRUMPGATE! And who played the Mad Hatter?

The January 6 Committee is Proving Trump is 100 Times worse than Nixon’s WATERGATE!

He’s Mad. He’s Angry. He wants REVENGE! And he doesn’t care how much Violence he can create For Americans while saying nice things about PUTIN because he…has the impulse control of a freaking toddler’. He’ll start yelling to Hang Anyone in his Way? Like the January 6 Committee? Mr. Capital Rioter Wannabe.

He damn near started another American Revolution on his attempted Steal of a Lawful Election. Hmm…let me please remind myself of the many things Billionaires and I have in common. And they are?


He is saying once he announces he is Running for President in 2024, that no one can Indict Him because it’s Executive Privilege of a Presidential Candidate.

He doesn’t care. He truly doesn’t. It has always been totally about HIM and no one else…But it is ABOUT those Monthly Donations you been sending him. And he wants more. Lots more. .$$$$$$$👀👀👀$$$$$$$$👀👀👀$$$$$$$$$👀👀👀$$$$$$$$$$$👀👀

The most unsettling his Secret Service has to do for him is stop the motorcade and go in and get him some more DEPENDS

He makes Bad people out of Good People using them and himself denying everything and then kicking them to the curb or under the motorcade.

And who in the Secret Service wiped clean TEXTS from January 6 between Secret Service Agents? Watergate ain’t got nothing on TRUMPGATE!

But his temper tantrum child behavior scares the hell out of me knowing such a man was put in a position of such great power and he abused it. And I’m not onboard with anyone who says January 6 was okay because he just wanted to stay in Power. He broke the Law and I consider his Actions were Treasonous against all that this Veteran holds dear. Nixon just wanted to stay in Office too.

Who uses the power of being an Ex-President to attack a single American Citizen? WHO? He does and did while in Office. Statues are one day going to be erected of him and they won’t be nice ones that anyone would be Proud of. They’ll be

Here is the Biggest Con Man in American History

These Statues are popping up all across America. Who’s putting them up? And they hide NOTHING!