How to Solve Immigration? Place an Immigration Tax on Country of Origin

Yep! America must not continue playing Mr. Nice when it comes to Immigration with these Countries packing up their Citizens and putting them into Caravans.

So, How to Solve the Immigration PROBLEM?

Easy. Charge the Country of Origin where the Immigrant is from an Immigration Tax

How much?

$250,000 Minimum per Immigrant on all Illegal Immigrants entering America on the Southern Border. But then make them legal and charge that Country of origin. And let that Country of Origin carry the $$$ burden of them being here. For at least one year.

Charge an Immigration Tax on all Goods from that Origin Country to pay thus Tax.

And then, individuals willing to take charge of them can be financially rewarded for taking them in. But America doesn’t carry the brunt of the Bill.

A family that takes Four would share in A One Million Immigrant Tax.

Feds get some. States get some. Sponsor gets some $$$$$$. Okay?

This will work. I’m not saying immigrants shouldn’t immigrate. They should if that is what they believe is best for them. A money Tax would help smooth the Issue…