Love, Devotion, and the Pack

Love, Devotion, and the Pack

I’ve raised German Shepherds most of my Life. Breeding Blacks, Whites, Black & Tan, and Sable- Backs. Commercially? No, not hardly. But I know these majestic creatures pretty well. And I’m going to tell you this, there are Three Things that will set a Dog Owner apart from a person who hasn’t incorporated their Dog into their Pack. Just owning or buying a puppy or adopting them won’t get you into the real game of ownership unless you do three prominent things-

  1. Love-you get what you give. And giving us what you should do automatically. Love builds a Trust. Love builds sacrifice. Love breeds Love.
  2. Devotion-your Dog can tell if you are as Devoted to them as they are willing to become Devoted to you. If you Earn their a trust by Showing them Trust, then this and the above ones will put you miles ahead if the Game.
  3. The Pack-this is the Blood Bond. The real Bond that goes deeper than just owning a piece of Property. This is where Live and Devotion moulds the Pack. It is where you establish many things. The Pack has A Leader. Or what’s Called The Alpha. The Number One. And this MUST be YOU. And they will also create a Hierarchy of Ranking among themselves if you have more than one Dog.

Rules? Sure, there are a few!

  1. You must be the Alpha. The Big Dog. The Leader of the Pack. And you can crunch an ear or their neck or on their side until a Yip comes out while establishing Dominance. But not a Big Yelp! And once is enough. Not over and over in a repeated manner. But you being the Leader should come automatically. But not always depending on the mindset of your Dog. And some Old Dogs cannot learn new tricks because they just don’t care to do tricks you want them to do.

I cannot teach you 50 years of Dog Ownership in a few paragraphs. But you learn from reading and seeing and watching.

  1. Collar training needs to come early. Not late. Leash training needs to come early.
  2. I use a Choker Chain. Not because I like having it on my dog, but when they go into a frenzied mode of over-excitement, that Choker Chain will bring them back under control quicker.
  3. And never Let Your Dog Lead unless you are allowing them to pick a Pea or Poop Spot. Otherwise, they walk beside you And their Shoulder does not go ahead of your Legs as you walk.
  4. I never let my dog greet an unknown, unleashed Dog. An owner who doesn’t leash will blame you for any problems even though their Dog will initiate it most of the time. But always try to be polite.

Crates? Absolutely! Your Dog will associate it as Home Base. Their Safe House. And they will go to it on their own. I use two. And I have a soft matting bed in both.

Fleas? I don’t use Flea Collars. I don’t use Flea Powder.. Or Flea Shampoo. I only USE

I use One Pill rolled-up in a slice of Cheese.

But I ONLY use a Pill when the Dogs start Scratching. And since I started using them two years ago, I seldom see any Fleas anymore on them or in our Home.

Yes, the young digs I have are two Sisters from the same Litter. I don’t plan to get any more due to my Age. But who knows? But they are playmates. And protective of the Pack.

I only teach three or four or five things.

  1. Sit
  2. Lay Down
  3. Go to Bed-which is Command to go get in their Crate
  4. Get inside-is Command to come back into the House from the yard
  5. Go Outside-which is Command to go outside for restroom breaks and being just a Dog and play time for them or wrestle them.
  6. Don’t try to teach your Dog a long worded Command. Keep it short and direct to what action you want from them.
  7. Don’t Give Up! Keep at it until they get what you want.
  8. I don’t teach Stupid Circus Tricks. I don’t want them to be misused.
  9. I DRY each with a Towel when they come back in when it’s Raining Outside. They will stay in place after they get what you are trying to do.
  10. I use a Slice of Cheese as Treats and a treat after they go to bed.
  11. I feed them Purina Puppy Chow. And I give them a Multi-Vitamin each Day.

I take Naps with the Dogs. Usually 30 minutes to one hour in our King Size Bed. Use a blanket on the bed and remove after the Nap. I consider this a Bonding Event that they expect and part of that

L O V E and D E V O T I O N

Listen to them. They will attempt to send messages to you in small gutteral or moaning type noises or even Barks. Super Loud Barks straight in your Face is their way of saying that they are Pissed. Pissed at something that they don’t like. For example-You put them in Bed in their Crates and then as you Latch their Doors, they Let out some loud Barks go at YOU. In your Face. And they are Saying-It’s Too Early or We just done want to go to bed. This might Happen when you crate them and you need to go somewhere.

I use a Mobile Veterinary Service for all their Vet Needs such as Shots. They do get diseases and die. Be ready for that. And someone should have a plan if your dog does pass. What are you going to do?

I’ve buried them and I’ve given them Viking Funerals without the boat and water. But it hurts when they do pass.

And an Alpha Dog sometimes will Kill a new puppy you bring home if the Alpha doesn’t think the Pack has room for the new addition. Slowly allow them to greet and remind the Alpha that the new puppy is under your Protection. You have too. When dogs tails aren’t wagging, there could be a real problem. If the Alpha isn’t wagging that Tail, look out. But you can make it work.

Adopted Pets bring with them sometimes issues that they have. One is that they got Lost from their Home and they may run away to find it. Or unruly aggression. Dogs never Crated will be Issues with them. So, go slow and learn What your new buddy really is like that you Adopted. That dog is gonna need lots of attention. But for me, I have never had any luck adopting a Large Dog. They always ran away but always got picked up and went back to the point and were adopted again. But I always felt like they were looking for their Original Home and their 1st Pack. They wanted to get back. That’s all.

But Love is Key. And NEVER TEASE THEM! NEVER EVER TEASE THEM. This can destroy your TRUST between them and you.

I don’t Feed Bones of any kind or Bone or Leather Chews. Like Pig Ears. Nope, no way. I don’t have any chews in the House. And they aren’t chewing on anything. I don’t like to have them fixed but I plan no breeding at all. A little bleeding doesn’t bother me and it’s easy to clean up. Don’t fret.

But Outside-

They love Digging and playing dragging around the water hose. But love them and they will Love-you back. When they need Attention, Give it! Don’t hold your Love back. Show it. Give it.

I feed them on my lap or on the floor. You must pay close Attention in any Habit Changes. Dominance Order isn’t always in cement.

There’s the water Dish.

I wash it out weekly.

But certain things they do is totally Instinctive like walking in a cycle before laying down at times.

They do have Enemies that they instinctively will Kill on Contact. I’ve seen them kill possums as quickly as you blink and kill other Dogs or get Killed in just the Blink of your eyes. That’s why I highly recommend Not Meeting unleashed Dogs on Sacred Ground. A deadly fight could break out.

They are confused by snakes and frogs. Poisonous snakes will attack them and you need to keep your Ears always listening to them when they are Outside. When they find something like a Copperhead, they will go crazy wild barking(but it will be serious Barks) and they’ll be taking turns lunging at the snake that is trying to bite them. Get them away and take care of this deadly snake.

They want to play before taking a Nap. One sleeps by my head, the other beside my leg and foot.

But raising and teaching and learning all about your Dog is fun. Observation is at a premium. It’s very doable and DON’T try weird experiments like strange foods. Making strange noises can quickly be teasing your Dog. German Shepherds are very smart. Keep their Trust by not doing stupid things.

A high quality Dog Food is enough with a Multi-Vitamin. I give them a cooked egg when I cook eggs. And a bite of a sausage biscuit or bacon biscuit.

They like Milk. But not a lot. i give sour cream and cottage with upset stomachs when

But don’t together anything spicy.

But have fun. And enjoy every day with this Noble Breed of German Shepherds.