Foreign Power Play at American Democracy? Play a Game of Connect the Dots!

It’s taken over two years to get to that Absolute Truth. But it doesn’t go narly deep enough. Folks, every thing about January 6 is a mirror Image of How Russian Ideology corrupts and steals any Hope of Democracy in Russia. It simply is a very real example of a THING that America People aren’t used to seeing. Let alone seeing it happening in their Own Country. Russians are used to it now. But, are YOU? Maybe it’s time for all of 🇺🇸 to reevaluate and instead, CONNECT THE DOTS of a much Broader Picture. One that’s ten times more Sinister than JANUARY 6.

Like Putin and his KGB Operatives, Trump and His Operatives attempted the desperate and very real GRAB at POWER on January 6. Yes, they did. o6.okay, that’s one Big Dot in our Game if Connect the Dots. You can add Dots for the Planning leading up to January 6. You can also add Dots for the Attempted Fake Elector Plans. And the amount of Planning goes far deeper than any WATERGATE. And the Chief Operative Recruitment Camp had to have been Mar-A-Lago, Trump entrenchment Camp, where Secrecy leaped bounds and bounds beyond anything Americans ever dreamed possible. But Trump saw the very real possibilities of doing the unthinkable. He and his Operatives planned and Executed their Plans on January 6 and the number involved grew exponentially on Thursday and in the Very Halls of CONGRESS. The absolute Unthinkable! But folks, this has to have had a helping Hand of Instruction by a Foreign Power. But which one? And only one stands out as a Proven interfering in our Elections where possible is-

RUSSIA! Add another Dot!

And just like this and that, Ice Cream and Peanut Butter and Jelly eating Americans sat before their TVs completely watching, while completely naive, January 6 take place like anything else they watch on TV. And most thought DANG, that’s some strange stuff I ain’t never seen before. Wonder why they doing all that? But most had no idea that something far more SINISTER was actually taking place. I didn’t, did you? But it was

Better than any Murder She Wrote or Perry Mason TV Episodes, and Americans got a ring side seat to one of the most interesting Sights ever seen here in America. But what HAPPENED?

America was Under Attack and STILL IS!

Until INDICTMENTS ARE HANDED OUT, this Episode in American History is still going completely unpunished. It will never End. It will continue and SCOTUS will reverse any Convictions. But why? How can this be? What and where are all of these Hidden Operatives? In SCOTUS? Sure looks like It now. Add another 5 or 6 Dots for SCOTUS. It still is taking place and Key Players committing these unbelievable atrocities against you and me and all of us, and in Court or before the Committee under Oath, they are

Taking the 5th! Over and Over and Over and Over again. One took it 127 times? And add some Dots for all who asked for Pardons. Okay? Right

And it’s NOT the Democrats attempting to Demonize Trump And His Operatives. It’s fervently erupting from within the Republican Party itself. And these Truth Tellers are Republicans. Not Democrats. Calling them RINOs and merely using Name Calling Tactics, is only a MIST being created by the master of the MIST. WHO? Trump himself, of course. He alone has the greatest challenge to subdue the Tidal Wave now rapidly heading his way. Against him and his Operatives. These Revelations are simply not going away. And more and more and more individuals are coming forward with even more damaging EVIDENCE. Rock Solid Evidence!

HOLY SMOKES! Who would have ever thought a well planned Plan was in Place with so many Operatives in Place too aiding in all of this?

Nothing of this proves more that Outside Directions had occurred than what actually did take place? These Operatives had to have had Help! No one Group could have pulled all of this off without coordinated help.

And it is very, very, very Wrong to think that any of these Individuals are Above the Law?

They cannot get away with these despicable Acts. And every time Trump speaks to the Public on any Platform while Attacking Witnesses that provided insurmountable informations and the January 6 Committee simply amplifies an Anti-Democracy Voice only adding further instability in Our Country. Only aids to a possible Violent America Ahead because his Followers are unwilling to READ. To LISTEN. For themselves instead of playing Ostrich and burying that head in the Sand making muttering noises so that no Truth shall enter their Ears. Trumpism may fall into a particularly nasty place in American Minds by the crimes that were committed. His Actions are ten times Worse than Nixon’s. He’s a Nixon Times Ten. Or worse? And he hasn’t QUIT committing other Crimes as he and his Operatives are

Intimidating Witnesses is Beyond Belief!

But these Events on January 6 is only the Tip of the Iceberg. Dots are flying everywhere. Participants are working in High Gear attempting to discredit the January 6 Committee’s Findings and destroying these Truthtelling Witnesses. BUT! Something even more sinister is taking place that is exactly what got Putin in Power. Who Controls the MEDIA RULES Russia. Who Controls the MEDIA RULES AMERICA! And the Billionaires are buying up the Big Media here in America just as the Oligarchs did in Russia. At an alarming Rate. And do They too have Plans similar to those that put and have kept Putin in Office? They then pumped a picture of exactly Why the Populous has such an Incredible VIEW of their Can Do No Wrong Leader in Putin. But-

Who’s buying what?

  • Billionaires have been buying up publishers at a notable rate over the past few years.
  • This isn’t an entirely new trend because the world’s wealthiest have dominated the media landscape for centuries.
  • Newspapers and magazines that have fallen under new billionaire ownership in the past 10 years include The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic, Time, and Fortune.
  • In many cases, these billionaires have been heralded for saving famous American press institutions from the brink of financial failure.
  • However, critics question whether these buyers’ intentions are as pure as they claim.

This is exactly what tool place in Russia and we Must Connect the Dots now and NOT LATER.

  • Jeff Bezos, The Washington Post.
  • John Henry, The Boston Globe.
  • Glen Taylor, Star Tribune.
  • Patrick Soon-Shiong, Los Angeles Times.
  • Sheldon Adelson, Las Vegas Review-Journal.
  • Joe Mansueto, Inc. and Fast Company.
  • Laurene Powell Jobs, The Atlantic.
  • Marc Benioff, Time.

And it is continuing with Elon Musk trying to takeover TWITTER. And others. And Elon wants to put Trump back on Twitter which can only help Trump amplify His Lies. And that is not what America Needs now after such incredible devastating Revelations are coming out about Trump and his Operatives’s’s ACTIONS on their POWER GRAB attempt on January 6.

This is just as shocking as Russia’s attempted to take Kiev on Feb. 24, 2022 and it’s Airport when the Russian Invasion on Ukraine began. They failed in their earliest attempts to cutoff the heads of Leadership of Ukraine. And that is exactly why I write!

If I can write One single Blog that will help prevent A Revolution here in 🇺🇸 or a Civil War, I will write it! I will write now because writing to PREVENT may one day be Outlawed. And you laugh. It’s happening all over the World where the populations of other Countries lost their Governments because of one takeover after another.

And we almost LOST OURS! Our way of Government was almost Shanghaied! Almost become null and void. And we all just sat and watched the January 6 stuff just happening on our TVs. A Revolutionary Attempt at Our Government was taking place And 99% of 🇺🇸 never realized it. And until it began getting Investigated that the GOP fervently attempted to STOP! TO MAKE SURE IT NEVER TOOK PLACE. But it did. And now we know many saddening, sickening things. Yes we now do.

Yes, it most certainly did happen. It’s the cat out of the Bag and this one is a Wild one. And we cannot just let this escape 🇺🇸. Those who committed Crimes must be Punished! No matter who they are!

Even if Trump is Indicted and goes to Prison. Doing Time might be the BEST thing for him. It helps those needing further instructions on How to Commit Other Crimes.

So, how many Dots did you Connect? Or have they broken? Or zigzagged? But are you starting to see after I image heading your way now? And one that all of 🇺🇸 finds disturbing? Or can’t you handle the Truth? Trump needs to leave America but he won’t as long as you keep paying him to stay with your monthly Donations. REALLY? Stupid you still paying to keep him here. And if he leaves. So do His Lies!