We ain’t playing by American Norms no more…

Antiabortion lawmakers want to block patients from crossing state lines? Can they do that?

The headline comes from a March 9, 2021, report in The Hill about Texas Rep. Bryan Slaton’s bill, HB 3326. That bill would have criminalized abortion as homicide, a crime that can be punishable by Death.  How many Cells are on Death Row? Are there enough for thousands of women? Here in Texas? I don’t think so.


You know, the more I see things changing, the more I remember a Speech Teacher in High School that had just Graduated from UT and I sat in his 1st Class of Teaching. And he said then that America was becoming more like Russia. And until now, I didn’t understand that. But when you say folks cannot Cross a State Line as if the State’s had become their Own Little Countries over Political Garbage? How would you know? From Snitching? The new Texas $10,000 Snitch Law is exactly what Russians do there by snitching on each other. Racing to tell the Government something someone did. That’s part of Communism. Part of a Fascist State.

Abortion is a right or not a right is between a Doctor and a woman and Not me. I’m not getting between a woman and her Doctor. Whatever she needs or not is with them and Not Me.

But saying who can and cannot Cross a State Line doesn’t set well with me when they haven’t committed a crime. It’s going too far. But going too far seems to be the new GOP Standard. And on January 6, 2020, a lot of them went too far attempting to keep trump in office illegally. And seeking Pardons because they knew that they had committed a Crime. In the 1800s, they’d been taken out and HANGED. But today, they wiggle giggle out of one fix after another like worms in a barrel of pig slop. But will it continue?

Games are getting very dangerous when you attempt to change the election game based on Lies that are now being Proven Lies by Facts. Facts that are undeniable.

It’s a Brain Freeze when you take a moment to figure out just the Order of Events.



A full year after the 2020 presidential election, new details are still emerging about former President Donald Trump’s unprecedented effort to overturn the results.

Many of Trump’s actions were done in public view, including dozens of ill-fated lawsuits and tweets that undermined the electoral process. But congressional inquiries and news reports have shed new light on what happened behind the scenes as Trump tried to cling to power.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of Trump’s attempted coup was how he relentlessly tried to weaponize the Justice Department to nullify President Joe Biden’s victory. The Democratic-run Senate Judiciary Committee investigated Trump’s conduct and concluded in a recent report that he “grossly abused the power of the presidency.”