Is trump an uncontrollable temper tantrum laden child?

Looks like it is so…is he Bipolar? Or spoiled rotten? The January 6 Committee is showing us an incredible amount of Horrible Evidence that We’re lucky we got trump out of office when we did. He appears to be a full blown KooKoo. Man I could never Vote for anyone pulling such Creepie Child Anger Fits. It goes beyond reason.

And you wanna put him in charge of Nukes? Not me. I can’t Vote CRAZY. It’s no longer a Joke. It’s a sad example of someone who reminds me of the Mean Queen in Alice in Wonderland.

And he took $250 Million from maybe you too. And people are listening to his Big Lie Rhetoric knowing that he is a child mind. I won’t no more. He done lost my Support. Can’t ride no mo with that man if you want to call him a man. Or a bad child?

Kids throwing tantrums is one thing. But when a Full Grown Man does, I can’t be in The same car or room with them. I’m not tolerant of any grown man throwing a child like tantrum like throwing a plate of food against a Wall. Grabbing a steering wheel. Grabbing another’s throat.

Man, what a KooKoo. Maybe you are okay with Bat Shit Crazy Kid Tantrums in men or women. I’m not. Never was. Never will be.